LAURELVILLE — From afar, one may not notice the changes to the flagpole in the center of the Village of Laurelville, but those who raise and lower it will definitely notice.

According to the Laurelville Village Council President, Don Kempton, two businesses assisted with the cost associated with purchasing a new wire reinforced rope and a new halyard style winch. The total cost of the project was $400.

The Saltcreek Banking Center and Laurelville Auto Parts donated $200 each for the upgrades. A fourth grade class and their teacher from Laurelville Elementary were also instrumental in donating a new American flag and a pennant flag of Ohio.

The rope system was a problem for whomever raised and lowered the flags in the past because they had to use a ladder. Now, the winch allows for access from the ground, making the process much safer.

The Laurelville Village Council made the decision to upgrade the flagpole, so anyone from the Laurelville Volunteer Fire Department or Village Council raising and lowering the flag can now do it without concern.

Laurelville is ready just in time for the national recognition of the United States Flag on Friday, June 14, Flag Day.

The flag was born in 1777. According to author Kathryn deBros, a teacher dedicated 50 years from 1885 on, to writing letters with the hope of getting a nationally recognized day just for the flag.

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