DUBLIN, Ohio – The Ohio State Grange Convention is held every year for the purpose of electing state officers, setting Grange policy, selecting state contest winners, recognizing outstanding Grangers and Granges, and selecting the outstanding youth and Junior Grange members.

This year’s convention was held Oct. 1-3 in Dublin, Ohio and was the 148th annual session. Hocking County attendees for the state convention from Ewing Grange 2082 included Deputy Carolyn Kienzle, Delegate Stephanie Blackford, Delegate Jenny Houchin, Male Youth Ambassador Caleb Houchin, Crystal Patton, Ryan Patton, Jennifer Cox, Junior Grange Overseer Kaylee Cox, and Junior Grange Flora Abby Cox.

Hocking County Grange contest winners competed at the state level and the following Ewing Grange participants won awards in the state contests: Carolyn Kienzle: 3rd place Small Quilted Wall Hanging, 4th place Photo- Grange Activity; Jenny Houchin: 1st place Apron, 1st place Counted Cross Stitch; Catherine Mustard: 1st place Ohio My Home–Art, 1st place Photo- Animal, 4th place Art–Animal; Stephanie Blackford: 4th place Abstract Art, 5th place Art Scene; Karen Cottrill: 5th place Afghan Team Colors; Juanita Ringhiser: 3rd place Embroidery; Crystal Patton: 1st place Art–People; Ryan Patton: 1st place Adult Prose.

Junior Grange members also participated in state contests and placed as follows: Destiny Kienzle (9-11 year old category): 1st place Photo- Sports Activity or Event, 2nd place Animal Art, 2nd place Plastic Canvas Art, 3rd place Cartoon Character- Art, 6th place Pinecone Animal; Abby Cox (9-11 year old category): 1st place Plastic Canvas Art, 1st place Diamond Dotz, 5th place Tile Art; Isaac Kienzle (12-14 year old category): 2nd place Photo- Patriotic, 3rd place Photo- Pet; Kaylee Cox (12-14 year old category): 2nd place Diamond Dotz, 2nd place Photo- Pet, 2nd place Tile Art. The following Hocking Grange participants won awards in the state contests: Jim Kalklosch: 2nd place Write-A-Song; Randy Klinga: 4th & 5th place Photos- Scenery Non-Member.

Junior Grange members fulfilled their roles in the degree program including Kaylee Cox, Overseer and Abby Cox, Flora. Ohio State Grange royalty constituents were selected at the convention. The youth applying for the Ambassador, Prince, and Princess contests must submit a resume of their Grange activities along with church, community, school, and extra-curricular activities and participate in an interview. Ewing Grange is proud to announce their families that are representing Grange at the state level.

Caleb Houchin, son of Scott and Jenny Houchin, finished his term as Male Youth Ambassador 2019-21. Ryan Patton, son of Jerry and Crystal Patton, was named Male Youth Ambassador 2021-22. Kaylee Cox, daughter of Jennifer Cox, was crowned the Ohio State Junior Grange Princess 2021-22. Ryan and Kaylee are looking forward to traveling throughout Ohio to promote the benefits of Grange and encourage membership for others to grow, develop their talents and social skills, and learn leadership techniques.

Carolyn Kienzle, Ewing Grange Master and Hocking County Deputy, was asked about her thoughts on Hocking county’s participation in this year’s state convention, and she said she is “so proud of our Subordinate, Junior, and Youth members in our Grange and the county. It gives me great pleasure to see them excel and want to carry on the work of the Grange. The Grange is one of the oldest farm organizations still going strong in our country.”

Submitted by Jennifer Cox.

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