LOGAN — The second meeting was called to order by Wesley Stumbo on March 9, 2020 at the St. Matthew Lutheran Church social room at 7 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Zoe Sater and the 4-H Pledge was led by Casey Leach. There were 48 members, seven advisors and 20 adults present at the meeting.

The Cloverbuds met with their advisor, Audra Cochran. They practiced the 4-H Pledge, discussed the surface tension of water and did two surface tension experiments. They tried to float paper clips on water and counted how many drops of water they could put on top of a penny.

Caleb Conrad read the secretary’s report. Olivia Schrader made a motion to accept the report. Joseph Schrader made a second to the motion and the members accepted it by a voice vote.

Zoe Sater gave the treasurer’s report. There is $418.50 in the club’s bank account. Chloe Schrader made a motion to accept this report with a second to the motion by Joseph Schrader. The members agreed with a voice vote.

During new business, advisor Jean Libben gave the dates for steer weigh-in and Quality Assurance training meetings.

Presentations were given by Wesley Stumbo, Bailey Cherry and Caleb Conrad.

Sam Pennington made a motion to adjourn the business meeting. The second to the motion was made by Trinity Shumaker.

Following the business meeting, the members gave their 4-H enrollment papers to Vicki Conrad, paid their dues to Zoe Sater and Jean Libben, received the Club’s Summer Program, By-Laws, Presentation and Refreshment schedules.

They also voted for club officers. The following members were elected: President Wesley Stumbo; Vice President Abbie Dicken; Second Vice President Dakota Waldren; Secretary Mira Burns; Treasurer Olivia Schrader; Recreation Leaders Hank Nunley and Ethan Waldren; News Reporter Abbie Conrad; Community Service Leader Kenna Stivison; Health and Safety Leader Josie Funk.

Refreshments were provided by Cheryl and Wesley Stumbo, Josie and Jennie Funk and Caleb Perry.

Submitted by Abbie Conrad

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