LOGAN – As Hocking County citizens prepare to head to the polls for the Nov. 2 election, The Logan Daily News offers a rundown of who’s running to represent the people of Logan and in the nation’s capital.

Congressional special election (elect one, partisan)

Running for former Congressman Steve Stivers’ seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, 15th District are Mike Carey (R) and Allison Russo (D). The 15th District is composed of all of Clinton, Fairfield, Hocking, Madison, Morgan, Perry, Pickaway, and Vinton counties, and parts of Athens, Fayette, Franklin, and Ross counties.

Prior to the Aug. 3 primary, The Logan Daily News reported that Russo currently represents Ohio’s 24th House District, which includes Columbus, Grove City, Hilliard and Upper Arlington.

On her issue priorities, Russo told the Logan Daily News, “Ohio’s 15th Congressional District is large and every community’s needs are different, but the overwhelming majority of people agree that we all want our kids and grandkids to have the opportunities they’ll need to put down roots and raise a family of their own right here in Ohio. To achieve that we need: good jobs with fair wages, quality healthcare close to home, investments in broadband access and infrastructure, strong schools and job training, and fulfilling our country’s sacred duty to veterans and military families.”

According to a previous Logan Daily News report, Carey, an executive and lobbyist in the energy industry for more than 20 years and an Army National Guard officer, puts great emphasis on having former President Donald Trump’s endorsement.

Carey is deeply critical of what he calls misguided legislative initiatives in the current Congress on climate change and the use of fossil fuels. On the subject of stimulus and unemployment support spending, Carey said this clearly is creating a disincentive for people to go back to work, and hurting small businesses. On immigration, Carey said President Trump “was doing the right things,” and that the United States should finish the border wall and spend more on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He said the issue of public school curricula such as critical race theory is of great concern to district residents.


Logan City Council terms begin Jan. 1, 2022 and end Dec. 31, 2023. According to the city’s website, the role of Logan City Council is to approve and oversee the city’s annual budget, expenditures and to establish local laws.

City council meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers, 10 S. Mulberry St. Logan is composed of four wards. There wasn’t a May primary for Logan city offices as there is no competition within a political party.

City Treasurer candidate (elect one, partisan race)

Incumbent Jennifer Fickel (R) is running uncontested. Her term would begin Jan. 1, 2022 and end Dec. 31, 2025. Fickel was unavailable for comment.

President of council candidate (elect one, partisan)

Denise Whalen (R) is the only person running for city council president. The president of council is responsible for presiding over each City Council meeting, according to the city’s website.

If elected, Whalen would follow in the footsteps of Fred Hawk, who has served as council president for almost six years, based on a previous Logan Daily News report. The Logan Daily News was unable to reach Whalen for comment.

Council-at-large candidates (elect three, partisan)

Running uncontested for council-at-large seats are three incumbent council members.

Councilman Michael Berry (D) currently serves as chair of the Water & Sewer Committee and is a member of three committees: Planning & Annexation, Recreation, and Streets & Alleys. The Logan Daily News was unable to reach Berry for comment.

Councilman James Martin currently serves as chair of the Recreation Committee and is a member of the Parks & Cemeteries Committee as well as the Public Utilities Committee. The Logan Daily News was unable to reach James Martin for comment.

Councilman James “Jim” A. Robinson (R) currently serves as chair of the Finance Committee and is a member of the Water & Sewer Committee and the Planning & Annexation Committee.

Robinson has served on City Council for more than 30 years, he told The Logan Daily News Friday. Out of the city’s six standing committees, Robinson estimates he’s been on at least six since his time on council began.

Over the years, he’s seen the city achieve numerous accomplishments, including the new water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as a new police department building, and countless improvements in essential infrastructure.

As for his next term, Robinson hopes the city can work toward potentially updating its zoning code and continue to improve essential services, like water, for its residents.

Robinson said that the city’s upkeep is comparable to that of one’s home; once one project ends, another begins, and maintenance is always necessary.

Robinson enjoys serving the city, engaging in discussion, being open-minded and listening to the people he represents, he said.

“I like being on City Council because I think it’s a job that needs to be done,” Robinson said. “You need to represent people and what the people want.”

First Ward candidate (elect one, partisan)

Running uncontested is incumbent Judie Henniger (R), whose other city duties currently include chairperson of the Streets & Alleys Committee and a member of the Public Utilities Committee. According to a previous Logan Daily News report, Henniger joined the council in 2016 following a resignation.

Prior to her political career, Henniger was a teacher and also involved with the Logan Town Center. She has enjoyed her service on council, particularly in downtown; she has also enjoyed the city’s progress on code enforcement.

“I’m proud to be on (city council),” Henniger said. “I’m proud to be making decisions for the city — that makes me happy... We all work together (to achieve).”

Henniger voiced excitement and optimism about Logan’s future, especially in regards to future generations.

“Downtown is going to be changed in five years,” Henniger said. “It’s going to be much more vibrant and that’s because of young people coming in with new ideas, creative ideas and (knowing) what will work in Logan. We can’t go back to what it was when I was their age because (that) doesn’t work anymore... I’m really passionate about the whole city and want it to survive and feel safe and be a nice place to live and raise children.”

Second Ward candidates (elect one, partisan)

Incumbent Shirley Chapman (R), who also currently serves as chair of the Public Utilities Committee and the Planning & Annexation Committee, is also a member of the Water & Sewer Committee.

Chapman, an attorney, told The Logan Daily News she has served the city of Logan for 20 years. Within those two decades, Chapman recalled what the city has accomplished: a new wastewater treatment plant, a new water plant; many cases of street paving and curb, gutter and sidewalk replacements; and a new city sign code.

Chapman has also been involved in other community efforts, she said. In 1984, Chapman, the Ohio Operating Engineers and others raised $500,000 for Mingo Park, 958 Charles St., restoration, she said.

In the past, Chapman said she’s also served as president of Logan Band Boosters, during which Logan High School’s annual Fall Festival of Bands began; president of Friends Of The Logan-Hocking County District Public Library, during which she and others raised $5,000 for library additions; president of the Wives of Goodyear Club, which also raised money for community betterment; and chairperson of the Hocking County Metropolitan Housing Authority Board, of which she is still a member. She was also a Cub Scout den mother for six years, she added.

Regarding another term, Chapman said, “(I look forward to) making the community a better place to live and trying to make it attractive to visitors and tourists (who are) bringing income to the city, and making it a place that young people want to stay, instead of move out of.”

In the only contested Logan city race, running against Chapman is Jay D. Martin (D). Jay Martin has no political background “other than opinion,” he told The Logan Daily News. Originally from New Straitsville, he’s lived in Logan for almost half a century and is proud to call it home. He has also worked with the public for decades, he said.

Jay Martin already has priorities in mind: fiscal responsibility, Main Street revitalization, bringing in good-paying manufacturing jobs, combating the opioid epidemic, enforcing city code and “building the town.” Martin said he would like to see Logan be like other nearby cities, and have an appealing, “spotless, nice downtown area.” He’s open-minded, he added.

Martin stressed that he believes the council needs to see more turnover and more progressive ideas from its members.

“We need new ideas on the council, that’s the biggest thing,” he said. “I’m the type who will speak up — they’ll hear me... It’s time somebody with new ideas gets down there and gets their opinions (heard).”

Third Ward candidate (elect one, partisan)

Incumbent Dave Driscoll (R) is running in an uncontested race. Driscoll also currently serves as chairperson of the Safety & Utilities Committee and is a member of the Finance Committee and Recreation Committee. The Logan Daily News was unable to reach Driscoll for comment.

Fourth Ward candidate (elect one, partisan)

Running uncontested for Logan’s Fourth Ward is Robert “Bozz” Salizzoni (R), who currently holds another public office as Hocking County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director (according to Ohio Revised Code, this presents no conflict of interest).

The Logan Daily News could not reach Salizzoni in time for comment; however, in February he told the paper that he’s seeking a council seat because “I like living here in town, and I feel that it is important that we as citizens do our part to make our community a better community for the future, for our kids and grandkids.” Salizzoni is to succeed Councilman Ed Tucker.

Look for more election coverage in future issues of The Logan Daily News.

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