Horse Shelter

Eagle Scout Award recipient, Rafe Koren of Boy Scout Troop 236, is building a newer and larger horse shelter for the Hocking County Humane Society as a final project.

LOGAN — Rafe Koren, Boy Scout of Troop 236, started a project required to earn the prestigious Eagle Scout Award.

On Saturday, June 8, Koren helped at the Hocking County Humane Society along with others from his troop, building a 10 by 12, three-sided shelter for large animals.

“I got the idea when I was working for my mom and she told me to take some pictures at the Humane Society. When I did, I noticed that they needed another shelter. And, I saw my brother do it (obtain the award) and I was like, I can do that,” said Koren.

That began the idea for Koren. He had to not only complete a final project that would benefit a religious organization, a school or the community, but he had to fulfill other requirements to even be considered for the Eagle Scout Award.

All recipients must earn at least 21 merit badges, demonstrate “Scout Spirit,” have active troop membership, hold a “position of leadership” within the troop, and complete a service project of value.

Koren was an over- achiever in getting his badges. Only 21 were expected, but he explained how he was able to obtain 35 merit badges.

“At camps and in our troop, we can earn lots of badges. I got climbing, cooking, fishing. My favorites were welding and blacksmithing,” he explained.

His “scout spirit” must have started at a young age. Koren told his story of how he and his brother, Tanner, joined as Tiger Scouts and they enjoyed it and just stayed with it.

All the while, from a very young age up to know, being 17 years old, Koren knew that he was going to get the Eagle Scout Award.

“I’m just gonna get it,” Koren said, knowing he had hoped for it for many years.

Many boys start scouts and when the other options such as sports become available, scouting seems to fall to the wayside, but not for Koren who has advice for the youngsters who need some encouragement.

“Try to get through and then you’ll get to go to all of the fun activities. And, aim big for helping in the community,” he advised.

Koren explained how important it is that colleges can see leadership skills in an applicant and that this award does that. “They will know I can lead a group.”

When explaining how he went about his final project, Koren said, “I had to get the idea and plans ok’d, then I had to look at different stores for the wood and materials and who could donate. I did all of the paperwork, and talked to the Humane Society.”

He got structure ideas from researching online and he had to call “811” to be sure they were safe when digging. The project took about 20 hours of planning and will need an additional 20 hours of actual on-site construction time.

The total cost of the project is between $1,300 and $1,400 and Koren had contributions from family members.

The highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America is this honor held for life and by only those who meet all of the demands. Every Boy Scout has the opportunity to earn an Eagle Scout Award, but many do not.

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