LOGAN — Late Monday afternoon parts of Logan were busy going along with their day when all of the sudden the power went out and left roughly 4,000 customers without power for almost six hours.

The outage for the east end of Logan and all the way to Spring Street started at approximately 4:20 p.m. and was fully restored around 10 p.m. that evening. A static line, which acts like a lightning rod, fell on a transmission line causing the outage.

According to sciencing.com, the static wire is the highest wire that bleeds off lighting surges from the power lines when lightning strikes during a thunderstorm and is connected to the grounding conductor. The three transmission lines set under the static wire and conduct high voltage electricity from power plants to substations. When the static and transmission line combine, you guessed it, a power outage occurs.

Earlier Monday afternoon a storm ripped through the region that brought strong winds to the area. Though it has not been confirmed, this could be the cause of the power outage, according to Scott Fuller, spokesman for AEP Ohio.

“It took a while for it to get repaired because it requires specialized crews that had to go and make the repairs — it’s really high up above the other lines, which makes it more challenging,” explained Fuller.

Of the businesses The Logan Daily News talked with, no one had reported any lost product or damage, however, they did lose business.

Lastly, Fuller added if customers are curious about the outage the best way for them to stay informed is by downloading the AEP app or, visit aepohio.com/outages to report or check the status of repair for the outage.

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