Sean Brooks

HAPCAP’s Sean Brooks addresses the board after opening two bids.

LOGAN — The Hocking County Board of commissioner heard two presentations last Thursday morning, with one pertaining to updates on CARES Act Funding.

Hocking County Commissioners Sandy Ogle, Jeff Dickerson and board President Gary Waugh were present for the Thursday morning meeting.

The appointment on the docket for the board involved some updates regarding COVID-19 relief funding and where it is being put to use. Hocking County IT Director Mark Stout handed the commissioners a final list of purchases to be made with CARES Act funding.

In his breakout, Stout outlined each item the county has purchased since the first round of funding from the state level. It also included updates for payroll through Oct. 31.

Other county offices have requested purchases for items relating to the pandemic, Stout said. The Scenic Hills Senior Center requested more funding for administrative leave, amounting to over $21,000.

The next item requested for purchasing were filters for air purifiers. Stout explained that the air purifiers he has purchased have a set of filters, of which he only purchased one. A set costs around $20 and can last up to three months, he added.

Lastly, four additional laptops were on the list of intended items for purchase, though it seems that plans to get them are in “limbo.” Stout said he would be meeting with department leaders after the commissioners adjourned in order to speak about any additional purchases different offices may need.

Out of round three of the CARES Act funding from the state, the IT director stated that just around $15,000 remain in the county’s relief funds. Funding from rounds one and two have been completely spent.

In total, Hocking County has spent almost $1.7 million from CARES Act rounds one, two and three combined. There are some rumors of a fourth round of funding, Stout commented, but nothing is certain as of now.

After the IT director concluded his presentation, the commissioners entertained the opening of two bids for the Murray City residential sanitary sewer connections. Sean Brooks of Hocking-Athens-Perry Community Action (HAPCAP) was present for the meeting and opened both of the bids.

The first bid to be unveiled came from JC Excavating of Nelsonville, in the amount of $137,600. The other was from Wilson Excavating of Jackson County, in the amount of $99,975. Both companies presented their bid bonds.

Both were over the budgeted amount intended for completing the connections. Therefore both bids were rejected, and Brooks explained that he and others will need to go “back to the drawing board.”

“We need to get those connections made,” Waugh said to Brooks.

“It certainly creates an issue,” Brooks said.

The commissioners and Brooks will work to see if there can be attempts to reduce the bid amounts presented to the board.

After Brooks concluded his presentation, the board of commissioners went into executive session for purposes involving the compensation of a public employee. The commissioner when back on the record shortly after with no decisions being made.

The commissioners will meet again on Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 9:20 a.m. at the Hocking County Courthouse.


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