CHILLICOTHE — Social media can be helpful but in many instances, it can also be harmful — such as the case with a fake Facebook post regarding the Chillicothe fireworks.

The post refers to the City’s fireworks display, placing blame on the use of NARCAN for the quality of the show. The post reads:

“We’d like to apologize for this years somewhat weak (expletive) fireworks display. All the (expletive) narcan we’ve used cut into the budget. Congrats junkies, you (expletive) up the freedom display for everyone.”


The (expletive) mayor

The Logan Daily News reached out to the Chillicothe Mayor’s office and received a quick response from Kathy Flechtner.

“We appreciate you notifying us of this unfortunate situation and are thankful that you questioned the validity of such a malicious post. We have received numerous calls today (Friday) alerting us to the same information, and we are asking that if anyone sees this that they please report it to Facebook to help facilitate shutting it down. We are trying to take action on our part as well, but the more reporting that occurs the better,” Flechtner wrote.

“This fake Facebook page calls itself the “City of Chilicothe” with one “l” instead of two, and should be a red flag for any possible future posts. Unfortunately, if someone is not from this city, they are not going to realize that discrepancy,” she added.

On the real City of Chillicothe, Ohio Facebook page, Mayor Luke Feeney also responded.

“The City of Chillicothe is aware that there is a fake page holding itself out to be the official city page. We understand that this is the work of an Internet troll, and our policy has been that we do not feed trolls.

“The situation has grown more serious and we appreciate the public’s help in reporting this fake page to Facebook. In the mean time I’ve asked the City Law Director to explore our potential claims, and I have already spoken to private legal counsel.

“I hate to see someone undermining all the progress and good things happening in Chillicothe. So, I invite everyone to the REAL Chillicothe — Chillicothe is spelled with two Ls, by the way — and check out Tecumseh, the great shops and restaurants downtown, Hopewell Culture National Park, our great mountain biking and hiking trails, or a Paints Baseball game,” the mayor wrote.

When the post first appeared, Logan City Mayor Greg Fraunfelter responded stating that he knows Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney quite well and felt this was out of character for him — noting that the post had to be fake.

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