L. Brian McManaway

Lt. Brian McManaway

LOGAN — First responders have many roles within their department, some not as thrilling or exciting as you would think, but that doesn’t keep Lt. Brian McManaway from enjoying his job.

First Responder Appreciation Week is a week to celebrate and appreciate all the first responders who have sacrificed their lives for the betterment of the community around them. The Logan Daily News will feature a first responder from the Logan Police Department, Hocking County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), Logan Fire Department and the Hocking County EMS this week in honor of their commitment to the community.

McManaway is second to be recognized this week and has worked for the HCSO since 1996. He’s had many roles while being employed at the office but currently his daily activities include looking over the road patrol deputies, vehicle salvage, cruiser maintenance, evictions and sheriff sales.

McManaway was inspired to work in law enforcement by watching his father, Bob, work for HCSO from 1975 to 2006. He cherished riding along with his dad when he was younger and then working together once he was hired.

“It was nice to get a different side of my dad. There was the side that when you’re at home it’s strict — then at work he was different. He handled things different and it was more like I was on his level,” expressed McManaway.

Even McManaway’s son, Brian McManaway Jr., is carrying on the family tradition by working full-time for Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office and is on special deputy commission with HCSO.

Though his father isn’t around anymore, McManaway still carries on the tradition of living by the Golden Rule, treating others the way you would want to be treated, just like his father did.

McManaway’s favorite aspect about working with HCSO is meeting new people around the county and the people he works with.

“It beats just going in and sitting behind a desk everyday,” he added with a smile.

Most importantly though, McManaway is thankful to be here today and still serving Hocking County after his accident in March 2017.

After a head-on collision with the driver of a truck who was under the influence, in less than 24-hours later McManaway was in good spirits when he talked with The Logan Daily News.

“Really my outlook on life has changed — you may not be here tomorrow. It really changed me and I think it strengthened my faith,” shared McManaway.

Many celebrate the week of appreciation for first responders, but locally the 317 Board is hosting three Helping the Helper trainings for all of those impacted by occupational burnout. Additionally, the Ebenezer Baptist Church celebrated first responders on Sunday during worship services.

Other officers within the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office include Sheriff Lanny North; Chief Deputy David Valkinburg; Major Caleb Moritz; Captain Jerrod Alford; Detective Lt. Dustin Robinson; Lt. Brian McManaway Sr., Lt. Edwin Downs, Lt. Sean Champ; Det. Aaron Cherry, Det. William Bowman, Det. William DeWesse, Det. Samuel Angle, Det. Kevin Kinneer, Det. Adam Wagner; K-9 Deputy Det. Trent Woodgeard, K-9 Deputy Rick Torchick, K-9 Deputy Matthew Witryk; Deputy Sterling Dietrich, Deputy Jason Miles, Deputy Andrew Evans, Deputy Emily Kinneer, Deputy Ross Cowgill, Deputy James Marcum, Deputy Adam Ditmer, Deputy Derek Shirey, Deputy Jason Wallace, Deputy Patrick Ryan, Deputy Jacob Bruening, Deputy Justin Barker, Deputy David Wright, Deputy Patrick Allison, Deputy Pennie Stack and Deputy Matthew Mellinger.

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