Former football captains return to LHS

More than 50 former captains of past Logan Chieftains football teams visited Logan Chieftain Stadium for the inaugural “Captains Appreciation Day” scrimmage in Logan Chieftain Stadium. Pictured (from left) are: First row — Leo Schultz (a captain for the 1965 team), Gary Bartow (1966), Chuck Kemper (1967), George Hummel (1964), Bill Shaw (1969) and Dave Crawford (1970). Second row — Mark VanBibber (1984), Jim Kemper (1974), Jim Angle (1981), Keith Myers (1985) and Joey Conrad (2000). Third row — Nick Maniskas (1988), Ryan Wilson (1987), John Godfrey (1987), Doug Robers (1990) and Jimmer Breining (1988). Fourth row — Brian Miller (1993), Todd Wyrick (1992), Bruce Lehman (2005), Trevor Emerson (2002) and Patrick Howe (2004). Fifth row — Dylan Manley (2012), Justin Frye (2007), Jesse Wilson (2006), Bryce Bumgardner (2006) and Paul Wesselhoeft (2011). Sixth row — Cory McCarty (2012), Jaush Huntsberger (2008), Patrick Angle (2009), Zach McDaniel (2009), Michael Snyder (2009) and Nathan Chandler (2010). Seventh row — Nick Kost (2013), Austin Scarberry (2013), Landon Little (2018), Tyler Cummin (2018), Jeromy Weaver (2018), Brady Walsh (2017), Carter Hodson (2017) and Dakota Dement (2016 and 2017). Also on hand but unable to be in the photo were Paul Shaw (1978), Tim Myers (1979), Bob Dennis (1958), Curtis Rose (1987), Jason Dicken (2002), Jesse Herring (2003) and Cary MacLaughlin (2008) as well as current Logan assistant coaches Pat Walsh (1988), Kelly Wolfe (1986), Josh Sturgell (2003), Justin Pack (2003) and Tim Woodgeard (1994), who at the time were out on the field coaching the 2019 Chiefs in a scrimmage against Fairfield Union. Families representing the late Ronnie Dennis (1953), Jeff Dennis (1983), B.J. Hughes (2004) and Mark Potter (2007) were also in attendance. Please turn to today’s sports pages for more information.

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