LOGAN — The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) recently wrapped up its first nine weeks of fundraising for different projects throughout Hocking County through its Cause Connector fundraising tool.

The Nelsonville-based FAO launched Cause Connector in February to great success. Cause Connector is a website that highlights organizations fundraising across Appalachian Ohio.

According to a release from the FAO, 17 projects affecting Hocking County, or Hocking County and other counties, received a total $49,542; of those, 14 were fully funded, The Logan Daily News previously reported.

Fundraising was by donation and was matched dollar-to-dollar by the FAO, with the matched funds going into the FAO’s I’m a Child of Appalachia fund to support future projects.

The Logan Daily News previously reported on two Hocking County organizations that felt the impacts of the FAO’s Cause Connector earlier this spring. The Hocking County Children’s Chorus (HCCC) was one of the first organizations to be featured on Cause Connector. It received $5,000 for a projection screen and projector for its third-floor practice space in the downtown Logan Theater and Community Arts Center, 86 E. Main St.

The Hocking Soil and Water Conservation District (HSWCD) also got help from Cause Connector. The HSWCD received $2,620 for a greenhouse at the Bishop Educational Gardens, 13200 Little Cola Rd., Rockbridge. The funding will help expand educational opportunities, Rebecca Miller, education specialist for the HSWCD, told the News in March.

Bowen House Center for Arts & Education, 196 N. Market St.

The Bowen House received $800 for its summer concert series. The Bowen House, a Logan staple, is a nonprofit arts center that’s served Hocking County for over 100 years. The summer concert series begins Sunday, June 13 with a performance by the Wild Honeybees on the Bowen House lawn at 4 p.m.

Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter, 841 Old McArthur Rd.

The Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter received $2,000 for emergency children’s items. The shelter houses many children and families, Director Nancy Wright told The Logan Daily News.

“We always have a need,” Wright said. “When we have children come, sometimes they don’t have anything but the clothes they’re wearing; sometimes they don’t have shoes.”

Wright said the funding will be used to help stock items the shelter usually does not store, but is needed when babies and children stay at the shelter. The funding will be used exclusively for children’s items. The shelter is already preparing for another round of fundraising through Cause Connector, Wright said.

Logan-Hocking School District

The Logan-Hocking School District’s (LHSD) Super Snack program received $10,000. The Super Snack program provides a “mini meal” for children who participate in afterschool programming — whether it be clubs, tutoring or athletic teams — Theresa Schultheiss, LHSD athletic director, said. The Super Snack program can serve up to 50–75 children per day, she said.

The Chieftain Center, 14637 S.R. 328

The Chieftain Center received $1,000 for expanding wellness equipment. The Chieftain Center is an athletic community free to residents of the LHSD, Schulthesis said. The center hopes to expand its equipment through the Cause Connector funding. According to the center’s Cause Connector page, the equipment includes new track hurdles and soccer goals. More information on the center can be found at chieftaincenter.weebly.com.

Southern Ohio Fishers of Men Association

The Southern Ohio Fishers of Men Association received $2,500 for kinship ministry kits and an additional $2,000 for stocking the LHSD shoe and coat pantry.

John Glenn Astronomy Park, 20531 S.R. 664 Scenic

The John Glenn Astronomy Park received $2,580 for Wi-Fi community access. The park, a project of nonprofit organization Friends of the Hocking Hills State Park, will use the Wi-Fi for a phone application so its visitors can experience self-guided tours, Julieann Burroughs, president of the Friends of the Hocking Hills State Park, said.

And as Ohio’s Southeast region has a notable broadband access gap, the park’s Wi-Fi will also enable Hocking County residents and visitors without at-home internet access to utilize the public Wi-Fi whenever they need.

“Parts of Hocking County have spotty Wi-Fi,” Burroughs said. “So it will be public access Wi-Fi, you know. If you live 5 miles down the road you can come up, park in the lot — it’s open 365 days a year — and do what you need to do.”

The FAO is currently analyzing its inaugural Cause Connector grant round and has not yet finalized exact dates for the next Cause Connector round, Kelly Morman, director of local impact at the FOA, said in an email. The FAO anticipates a timeline similar to this year’s round.

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