Tuesday, Jan. 5

• Someone apparently stole some American flags from the doorstep of the Hunter Street Saloon on West Hunter Street. They were in a package that had been ordered by mail at a cost of $20, to be displayed outside the bar. The person reporting the disappearance told police he had video of the package being taken, and the person in the footage appeared to be a known individual, but the suspect could not be fully identified. No charges were filed.

Tuesday, Jan. 12

• A representative of Real World Cleaning on Red Rock Court called to report that catalytic converters had been cut off two of the business’s work vehicles sometime over the weekend.

• Someone spray-painted what a police incident report describes as “anti-Trump graffiti” on the storefront window of the Hocking County Republican Party headquarters at 38 W. Main St. No camera footage was available from nearby stores, the report said.

Wednesday, Jan. 13

• Another catalytic converter theft was reported (see above item), this one from a work van at Pine Ridge Apartments sometime during the previous night.

• Officers were advised by 911 dispatchers shortly before 10 p.m. of a drug overdose at a West Hunter Street residence. Hocking County EMS arrived first and administered two doses of Narcan (naloxone) to the person who had overdosed, a 40-year-old woman. The woman initially refused the opiate-counteracting drug, an incident report says, but reconsidered “after being advised how many O.D. deaths have taken place in the last week and how Narcan really works, as well as the fact that Narcan can wear off prior to the opiate degrading to a non-dangerous level.” The woman was reportedly showing signs of possible relapse into overdose, and “seemed to be very concerned,” the report said.

Thursday, Jan. 14

• A be-on-the-lookout alert was put out for Matthew P. Casto, 21, who had felony warrants for his arrest, and who allegedly had cut off a GPS monitor he was required to wear. Casto was reported as walking north on state Route 93 trying to get a ride. An officer who came to the area spotted Casto walking around a Route 93 business, and took him into custody without incident.

Friday, Jan. 15

• A Linton Road resident complained around 5:30 p.m. that the previous night a man had parked a car on his property, and the next evening the resident had found the man sleeping in the back seat of the car. According to the resident’s account he told the man he was trespassing and should leave, and the man “became irate with him and told him he doesn’t need to go anywhere.” At that point the complainant called the police. When an officer ran the license plate on the vehicle, a 2010 Honda station wagon, it came back as having been reported stolen from a 76-year-old woman. The car by this point was locked and no one was in it, the police report said. The owner was contacted and came to retrieve her car – after gas was put into its empty tank.

Tuesday, Jan. 19

• Yet another theft of catalytic converters was reported, this time from two work vans of the Hocking County Metropolitan Housing Authority on state Route 93 North. A representative of the agency told the responding officer that this was the second time this had happened in a week.

Thursday, Jan. 21

• Around 1 a.m. a man knocked on the door of the police department and told an officer who came out that his laptop computer had been stolen out of his unlocked truck while he was inside a store on state Route 664 South. The man showed the officer that he was able to track the location of the laptop, and that the tracking device showed that “the location would change instantly every time he would refresh it,” indicating that the laptop was apparently “bouncing around in South Logan.” An officer who patrolled the area where the laptop was supposedly bouncing saw no one walking or driving in the area, and the complainant was advised to inform police if the tracker ever shows the laptop staying in one place.

• Around 6 p.m., officers responded to a call from Kroger’s on Chieftain Drive, reporting that a man shopping in the grocery store had “opened a bottle of liquid and drunk the bottle of liquid, and placed the liquid bottle back on the shelf.” The “liquid” in question was Jagermeister, an alcoholic liqueur. When an officer arrived on scene an employee pointed out the liquid-drinking individual, who was still in the store. The 43-year-old man reportedly told the officer that he had bought and paid for the bottle of spirits, and admitted that he had drunk its contents and put the empty bottle back on the shelf. The officer then advised the man that even though he had purchased the Jagermeister, it was still a crime to drink it in the store. The man was advised to leave the store.

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