April 3

A 27-year-old man was arrested after an officer was dispatched to Advanced Auto Parts on Hunter Street on a report of an unknown man going through employees’ vehicles in the parking lot. The man left before the officer arrived, but was spotted nearby, “standing in the middle of Hocking Avenue and West Front Street staring at some parked motor vehicles.” When a second officer arrived on scene the man was identified as Mark A. Newman; he told the officers that he had been in the auto parts store lot looking for his friend’s pickup truck that the friend had said he could borrow. Newman reportedly added that he was “looking for a female wearing a pink dress and had to meet her somewhere on state Route 180.” After learning that the complainant wanted to file a criminal charge against Newman, an officer told Newman to place his hands on the police cruiser, and told him he was going to be taken to the regional jail for a six-hour hold. When the officer pulled one of Newman’s arms behind him to cuff him, Newman allegedly balled the other hand into a fist and pulled it off the cruiser. The second officer grabbed Newman in an arm lock, during which the first officer fell to the pavement, suffering minor injuries to his elbow. Newman allegedly continued to resist, but stopped after the officer threatened to tase him. He was booked into the regional jail on charges of resisting arrest, obstructing official business, persistent disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

April 10

A woman from the Pet Store on Spring Street called police around 5:30 p.m. to report the theft of a bird-eating spider priced at around $80. She told an officer that someone had come in the store’s rear entrance and grabbed the arachnid and the container it was in.

April 16

An interaction between an officer and two people in a car escalated after they repeatedly refused to cooperate, ending in the tasing and arrest of one of them. Shortly after midnight an officer spotted a car parked on the side of the road at Ohio and Indiana avenues. When he pulled his cruiser alongside, according to an incident report, the man and woman inside locked the doors, would not look at him, and pulled their hoodies over their faces. When the officer asked them why they were doing this, the man reportedly said “because of COVID.” When a second officer arrived on scene the man in the car allegedly began reaching around inside the vehicle, and continued to do so even after an officer told him to stop. The first officer then pulled out his firearm and told the man to stop reaching around in the car and display his left hand, which he was hiding behind him. The second officer identified the man in the car as Jordan Henderly, who was found to be wanted on multiple warrants. When Henderly began groping around inside the car again, the first officer re-holstered his gun and pulled out his taser. When Henderly refused to comply with an order to put his hands in plain sight, the officer tased him in the leg. Henderly then unlocked the doors and exited the vehicle, and was arrested and taken to the regional jail. The woman in the vehicle said she also had a warrant, but as the jail had no female bed space she was released.

April 17

Officers who responded to a report of a fight at the Hunter Street Saloon around 2 a.m. found a man with his mouth bleeding. The man reportedly told officers that he “was talking to a friend and the next thing he knows is that he is getting hit.” The man reported that he fell to the floor after being hit, “and when he got back up to see who hit him there was no one there.” Others present in the bar said they had seen the assailant but did not know his name, “and that all that they can remember is that the guy had on tan pants and an orange shirt.” The injured man did not wish to press charges.

April 23

An especially responsible citizen came to the police department to turn in $4 she had found on the sidewalk while walking her dog around Main and Mulberry streets. The money was logged into evidence.

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