March 17

An officer was dispatched to Mingo Park on a report of property damage. The complainant reported that this is the second time this year that a dugout at the park has been damaged.

A Zanesville Avenue resident reported that someone had broken into his shed and stolen two weed eaters and two chainsaws. The padlock to the shed had been pried off the main door frame.

March 19

Officers were dispatched to a Henrietta Avenue address around 5 p.m. on a report of a suicidal man making threats to harm himself and his roommate. The roommate told officers that his friend, 27-year-old Caleb Slining, was visiting from Florida. He said Slining had called a suicide hotline that day and made threats to harm himself, and also threatened harm to the roommate. An officer made contact with Slining outside the residence, where Slining allegedly said he was going to jump off a bridge or in front of a moving vehicle. While waiting for an EMS squad Slining allegedly made comments about wanting the officers to shoot him. Slining was allegedly verbally abusive to personnel in the hospital emergency room, at which point he was cited for disorderly conduct. The officers warned Slining that if his disruptive behavior continued he would be arrested and jailed. However, he allegedly “kept taunting the medical staff and causing a disturbance within the ER,” and was handcuffed and transported to the regional jail.

March 21

An Ohio Avenue resident reported that someone had tried to enter her home that morning through a glass sliding door, causing damage to the door and leaving pry marks on the frame. The officer asked if the woman had any pain medications in the home, and she reported that there were some OxyCodone pills that a late relative had needed, which she asked to turn over to the officer for disposal.

March 26

Officers were dispatched around 2 a.m. to a Brooke Street residence on a report of an unruly juvenile. The woman caller reported that her 17-year-old son had come home drunk and become very belligerent, kicking the door before leaving again, and then screaming and yelling outside. An officer searching in the area was told by a witness on East Street that she had seen a male climb through the window of an abandoned house. Officers entered the house and found the youth lying on the floor, at which point he began “begging officers not to shoot him.” He was transported to the emergency room, where he allegedly made threats to kill police officers, nurses and physicians. Officers spoke to the young man’s mother about possibly taking him home, but the youth allegedly said that if he went home, he would refuse to behave better and would leave immediately. Preparations were made to place him into juvenile detention; when he was informed of this, he allegedly jumped out of a bed, tore down some divider curtains, and advanced toward a nurse. Sheriff’s deputies on scene restrained him, handcuffed him and put him into a sheriff’s cruiser; while inside he allegedly caused damage to one of the vehicle’s doors by kicking it. He was transported to juvenile detention.

A Spring Street resident called around 2 a.m. to report that when he got home from work with his girlfriend they found a man standing in the driveway who threatened him, and who allegedly stated that he had a gun in his bookbag and would shoot the caller. The man then left the scene, and officers were unable to locate him.

March 28

A 56-year-old man was arrested on an outstanding felony arrest warrant from Muskingum County for felonious assault and discharging a firearm over a roadway, after officers on patrol ran his license plate. After they stopped his pickup truck, John T. Miller allegedly quickly opened the vehicle’s door and started getting out. Officers unholstered their service weapons and told Miller to put his hands on top his head and walk slowly towards them. No weapons were found in the truck, but Miller allegedly had three 12-gauge shotgun shells in his pants pocket. He was transported to the regional jail.

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