Sunday, Oct. 10

• Around 11 p.m. an officer was dispatched to an East Front Street address on a report of a stolen vehicle. The complainant told police that around 9 p.m. he had moved his car in the parking lot so he could see it from his apartment window, because people had been tampering with cars in the lot recently, and that he then took a nap. He woke up around 11 p.m., saw the car was gone, and called police. The man said he had given no one permission to borrow the vehicle, and that the only key to it was in his possession. The car was entered into the National Crime Information Center and the Ohio Law enforcement automated data system.

• Shortly before 2 p.m. the Police Department got an anonymous call reporting that a man on East Front Street was intoxicated and trying to fight people. An officer who responded found a man wearing red sweatpants and no shirt, with hands clenched into fists; as the officer got out of his cruiser the man and some other men standing in the area started to leave. The officer told them to stop, and spoke with the man in sweatpants, who said he had not been fighting. The man also said he had not been drinking, but the officer told him he could smell the odor of alcohol on him. The officer handcuffed the man, who was identified as Chad Hook, 27. After being informed by the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail that they did not have a six-hour hold bed available for Hook, the officer cited him for disorderly conduct by public intoxication, gave him a ride to a Washington Avenue residence, and warned him to cause no more problems.

Saturday, Oct. 9

• Around 9:30 p.m. officers were dispatched to East Second Street on a report of a man lying in the lawn beside the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office, wearing only underwear. They found an underwear-clad man standing in the sheriff’s office parking lot, bleeding from the right elbow; the man reportedly told the officers that “he was in hell and needs to fight for his survival.” When he began to walk away an officer restrained him in an arm bar and held him against the side of the police cruiser. The man allegedly said he had taken LSD and methamphetamine about six hours earlier; that he lived in Rushville; and that he did not remember how he had gotten to East Second Street. A witness told officers she had seen the man taking off his clothes on the lawn beside the city law director’s office on South Market Street. While Hocking County EMS personnel treated the man’s injured elbow, an officer walked along South Market Street and found a pair of jeans and a pair of tennis shoes, as well as a glass pipe and a vapor pen containing an unidentified liquid. The other officer, meanwhile, had to put the man on the ground, because he was trying to pull away from the EMS medics and being combative. When he was transported to Hocking Valley Community Hospital for further treatment, the man allegedly started to become combative with nursing staff, leading a physician to sedate him. The man, 19-year-old Blake Dumont of Rushville, was cited for disorderly conduct.

• Around 5:30 p.m., police received a call reporting a disturbance at an Ohio Avenue location, in which a man was pointing a gun at people. The first officer on scene spoke to a woman who said she and her father had been trying to repossess a car that was sitting along the road, with no license plates. The officer also spoke to a man who had been identified as having brandished a gun, which the man denied. The lien holder on the car was also present; another individual, a 25-year-old man from Logan, came up, said the car was his wife’s and asked the lien holder if he could get some belongings out of it before it was repossessed, which the lien holder agreed to. When an officer asked the man for ID, however, he allegedly said he did not have his driver’s license, and provided a Social Security number that did not show up in LEADS when the officer ran it. When challenged by the officer on this, the man allegedly said he did not need to identify himself to police. He was detained and put in the back of the cruiser, at which point he identified himself by name and was released with a warning.

Saturday, Sept. 25

Shortly before 4 a.m., an officer was dispatched to Walmart in Logan on a report of a suspicious person. The store manager reported that a male subject had been hanging around the store since 11 p.m., when it closed. When the officer spoke to the subject, a 20-year old Otway, Ohio, man, he told the officer that he had been left at a nearby gas station. He also said he had gotten into a car with a friend from the “westside,” and was supposed to go to a gas station to get a drink; he said the “westside” was in Portsmouth, Ohio, and that his friend had left him at the gas station. From talking to the man the officer learned that he had gotten into the car with a person he barely knew, and had been driven from Portsmouth to Logan without realizing he had been in the vehicle for two hours. The man also could not answer general questions such as what day it was, or who is president. He was transported to a hospital emergency room and released to his brother the next day.


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