Editor's note: The Logan Daily News is hoping this local story clears up some of the questions regarding the process of how summa cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude students are determined.

LOGAN — It’s that time of year — summer is approaching, school is just about to come to an end for another year, and one of the biggest highlights in a student’s lifetime is about to happen — graduation.

Graduating from high school is an important transition, not just for the students but also for their families. It’s a time of celebrating the past, preparing for the future and looking for guidance into the next phase of their lives. It’s a time to celebrate all that has been accomplished during their school career — it’s one of the happiest times in any child’s life.

Friday night, 281 students will be walking onto the field of Logan High School stadium for the very last time in their high school career.

Graduation ceremonies will be held rain or shine beginning at 8 p.m. Friday night with a total of 318 students graduating; although only 281 will be walking to receive their high school diplomas.

The Logan Daily News sat down with Logan-Hocking School Superintendent Monte Bainter, Logan High School Principal Ken Dille, Assistant School Superintendent Christy Bosch and Trina Barrell, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, who explained the process of how students place for graduation recognition.

Beginning in 2014, LHS moved away from a valedictorian/salutatorian format and moved to a level based system derived from student Grade Point Average (GPA), which is summa cum laude, 4.10 and higher; magna cum laude, 3.85 to 4.099; and cum laude, 3.50 to 3.849. This system has not changed since first implemented in 2014.

Example: if your student finishes with a final seventh semester GPA of 4.20 but was enrolled in three weighted classes (.05 for each weighted class) then .15 would be added to the GPA for a total weighted GPA of 4.35.

The senior GPA is derived from two sources. Each grade received for a course completed up to the seventh semester is calculated from numerical value of each grade. Once that average is calculated then the bonus for advanced placement and college credit plus (CCP) are added to the GPA for a final weighted GPA.

Summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude students are recognized at graduation by cords worn atop their gowns. During the principal’s speech each level of cum laude students are recognized. Again, this has not changed.

However, there have been some changes implemented. The bonus points increased significantly after the state mandated that all CCP courses matching AP courses offered at any high school in Ohio were added as GPA bonuses. This happened at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year many more GPA bonus points became available through those added CCP bonuses.

This changed the amount of students who would be earning the honored GPA levels. In 2016-2017 we had 12 students who qualified as summa cum laude with a final weighted GPA of 4.10 or higher.

In 2017-2018, we had 29 students who qualified as summa cum laude above 4.10. In 2018-2019, 23 students qualified as summa cum laude. This trend of increasing GPA averages will level out albeit higher than it was prior to the 2015-2016 school year.

• The Logan-Hocking School Board has already approved a cumulative GPA ending at the eighth semester and finalized by May 15 of each school year for seniors. This will ensure all senior course grades are included in the final weighted GPA, not just semester courses (seventh semester) completed during the senior year.

• The new proposed level of summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude will be adjusted higher to match the increase in bonus available. This will balance the numbers at each level. The levels were raised .1 of a point, while the number of bonus points available through curricular offerings have increased by at least .45 of a point — summa cum laude, 4.20 and above; magna cum laude, 3.95 to 4.199; cum laude, 3.60 to 3.949.

This year there are 23 graduates earning top honors, each wearing a red cord, which is summa cum laude status.

Summa cum laude graduates include Hadley A. Alford; Elizabeth J. Beckley; Caleb O. Bell; Coby G. Bell; Weston J. Brooks; Layton J. Cassady; Hannah R. Copley; Tyler D. Cummin; Emmalee G. Dicken; Abigail C. Downs; Lexis K. Fickel; Carter L. Krannitz; Micaela A. Leach; Dawson J. Libben; Sydney D. Lingerak; Grace M. McKee; Rachel C. Pierce; Caden T. Primmer; Elisha J. Sellards; Bethany J. Starlin; Gabrielle L. Trippier; Katelynn A. Ward; and Trevor R. Wolfe.

Twenty-two graduates earned magna cum laude status and will wear green cords.

Magna cum laude graduates include Seth M. Abram; Anna M. Backus; Ainsleigh P. Beckett; Makayla R. Boysel; Nicole E. Clonch; Sophia R. Gadrim; Caitlin H. Hoellrich; Shay R. Lantz; Landon J. Little; Brant Lovas; Brynn A. McKinley; Danielle N. Parrish; Ryan L. Patton; Kyla R. Primmer; Olivia K. Proctor; Dominick C. Rager; Issac M. Riley; McKenzie K. Schultz; Kayla J. Secoy; Alexis L. Thompson; Alexis A. Walter; and Kaymbre J. Zimmerman.

Forty-three students will wear black cords, which designate the status of cum laude.

Cum laude graduates include Zachary T. Abram; Brice M. Berry; Emma T. Boyle; Cody A. Burns; Emma R. Clement; Katelyn M. Dane; Chasity E. Deible; Benjamin R. DeNune; Austin S. Drennen; Justin L. Evans; Taryn E. Eveland; Emmari G. Gabriel; Ashley M. Galvan; Carl L. Geiger; Joseph W. Gortney; Samuel D. Hall; Sidni A. Harris; Jayce M. Haybron; Avery C. Hileman; Jordan C. Hiles; Cole M. James; Jasper I. Jones; Morgan P. Loucks; Riley D. Maffin; Olivia A. Miller; Zachary A. Murrey; Bo Z. Myers; Elyzabeth A. O’Neill; Jasmine N. Phillips; Alexa J. Poling; Mikayla G. Pope; Caitlin R. Prideau; Mallory R. Robison; Addyson M. Rooker; Malya N. Sauer; Riley J. Smith; Ashlee J. Spicer; Eric C. Stanley; Taylar K. Stevens; Alan J. Swaim; Jeromy J. Weaver; Garrett C. Weeman; Kyleigh M. Williams.

Forty-seven students were eligible for diploma with honors for exceeding Ohio’s graduation requirements through an honors diploma. Students challenge themselves by taking and succeeding at high-level coursework and in real-world experiences.

Diploma with honors students include Seth Abram; Hadley Alford; Ainsleigh Beckett; Elizabeth Beckley; Caleb Bell; Coby Bell; Brice Berry; Makayla Boysel; Weston Brooks; Layton Cassady; Hannah Copley; Tyler Cummin; Katelyn Dane; Emmalee Dicken; Abigail Downs; Austin Drennen; Lexis Fickel; Sophia Gadrim; Emmari Gabriel; Samuel Hall; Jayce Haybron; Caitlin Hoellrich; Carter Krannitz; Micaela Leach; Dawson Libben; Sydney Lingerak; Landon Little; Morgan Loucks; Riley Maffin; Grace McKee; Brynn McKinley; Olivia Miller; Danielle Parrish; Rachel Pierce; Caitlin Prideau; Caden Primmer; Isaac Riley; Mallory Robison; Maiya Sauer; Elisha Sellards; Riley Smith; Bethany Starlin; Taylar Stevens; Alex Thompson; Gabriella Trippier; Alexis Walter; Katelyn Ward; Jeromy Weaver; Trevor Wolfe; and Kaymbre Zimmerman.

National Honor Society students include Abbie Dicken; Addison Decot; Ammryn Roberts; Baliegh Zimmerman; Cailin Cook-Porter; Christian Swart; Clayton Menosky; Victoria Colliton; Danielle Wolfe; Dylan Burns; Emily Clifton; Emily Stout; Erin Dunigan; Gracie Swope; Jaden Border; Jaelyn Boggess; Jenna Wilson; Jocelyn Shriner; Keely Fickel; Lauren Johnson; Madison Leach; Madison Turner; Madison Visintainer; Madison Wittman; Mark Duke; Maya Burggraf; Selena Zheng; Tessa Luicart; Toby Stewart.

During Friday’s graduation ceremony Carter Krannitz will present the invocation; Caleb Bell will welcome family and guests; Lexis Fickel will give the class address; Coby Bell will present the farewell address; and Emmalee Dicken will present the benediction. Weston Brooks, Abigail Downs, Dawson Libben, Bethany Starlin and Trevor Wolfe will recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Congratulations to all Logan High School seniors!

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