LOGAN — Children all around Hocking County are practicing the good deed of giving during the holiday season. St. John Catholic School students have already participated in donating to Roberts Funeral Home for the North Pole Toy Collection Drive, which is scheduled for this weekend.

On Nov. 21, following their weekly mass, preschool through sixth grade students walked from school to the funeral home with a gift in their hands.

The school partakes in many community service projects such as food drives during the holidays, writing letters to veterans, caroling and adopting a family or grandparent in need during the holiday season. Kindergarteners do a random act of kindness project every year where they spend time making and placing items in baskets to give to people around the neighborhood.

“This is a big deal to the children because they make all the items and they get to see the impact their generosity has on the people to whom they are giving,” noted secretary, Jennifer Inboden.

Even though this act of kindness wasn’t handmade like normal, the students were able to donate over 80 toys and winter wear items to the funeral home.

Students were asked to bring new items for the toy drive and any warm clothes such as coats, hats, and gloves — some children had multiple items in their bag of goodies.

Giving new items for donation can be difficult if you’re not in a position to give, but the children brought multiple toys and clothes so that no child was left without carrying a toy to the funeral home.

After dropping off the items the children posed for a picture in front of the Christmas tree and the funeral home gave them a candy cane “thank you” before walking back to school.

“Just from them alone, we have already been able to add to all the different age groups. They really brought a great variety already for the toy drive — it was wonderful and then we also have received a couple monetary donations outside of St. Johns School, so that’s been wonderful too,” explained Kerri Metts, a funeral home director at Roberts Funeral Home.

Due to the Christmas parade being moved to Sunday because of inclement weather, Roberts Funeral Home has also planned to move its North Pole Toy Collection Drive to Sunday at 3 p.m. following the parade.

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