LOGAN — Auditor of State Keith Faber’s office conducted an audit of Laurel Township in Hocking County.

Favorable results were reported, as a result of the review of how the township operated from Jan. 1, 2017 through Dec. 31, 2018, using taxpayer dollars.

Laurel Township obtained an Independent Accountants report on “Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures,” as allowable by the State Auditor.

Perry & Associates, CPA, A.C., of Marietta, reviewed how the township managed Cash and Investments, Property Tax and Intergovernmental Receipts, Over-the-Counter Cash Receipts, Debt, Payroll Cash Disbursements, Compliance- Budgetary and Compliance-Contracts and Expenditures, to report to the Auditor.

The report was received in a letter stating, “We have accepted this report in lieu of the audit required by Section 117.11, Revised Code.”

The only areas of note, were about an insurance premium that was overpaid to a trustee in the amount of $37.25 in 2017, the payment not being entered before year-end reporting, and a discrepancy between the Appropriation Status Report versus amounts recorded on the appropriations in the amount of $500.

The oversights were corrected and the recommendations for change were put into place.

Debbie Angle, Laurel Township Fiscal Officer, has been in her position for 20 years and has recently been asked to assist a neighboring township with cleaning up some of their township issues.

“I’ve been through eight or nine audits and no problems yet. I’m happy to say that things run pretty smoothly here. It’s not always true everywhere,” commented Angle.

The State Auditor’s office is responsible for protecting tax dollars, fighting fraud, waste and abuse of public money.

The public can access a list of the semiweekly reports posted on the auditor’s website listing the organizations in review, those earning the Auditor of State Award, those with “Findings for Recovery,” those with “Medicaid Findings,” and those that are “Performance Audits.”

The information can be found at www.ohioauditor.gov.

They audit over 6,000 state and local government agencies, provide financial services to local governments, investigate and prevent fraud in public agencies and promote transparency in government.

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