LOGAN – As coronavirus (COVID-19) still holds a grip on the state, vaccine disbursements have been steadily increasing in Hocking County. With more vaccines set to come in the future, a sign-up page is now live and those wishing to get the vaccine can register now.

The Hocking County Health Department posted a link to a COVID-19 vaccine sign-ip page on Wednesday morning. Upon clicking the link, community members will be sent to the health department’s website to fill out personal information.

The health department clarified on its sign-up page that vaccine supplies are currently limited. Those who sign up with the health department will be contacted once the vaccine becomes available to “Hocking County residents only.”

Throughout the state, according to the Ohio Department of Health, a total of 321,506 Ohioans have started their first dose. In the past 24 hours, as of Wednesday morning, approximately 17,000 Ohioans were administered their first dose.

In Hocking County, the state’s health department is reporting that the area has 496 people who have started the vaccine — translating to roughly 1.75 percent of the county’s population.

According to Hocking County Health Commissioner Doug Fisher, the typical side effect of the vaccine come in the form of discomfort in the area where the vaccine was administered on a person, swelling and redness.

The health commissioner explained that similar injection site side effects also occur when a seasonal flu shot is given. Some have reported they have experienced more discomfort than with other vaccinations.

“Some have also reported having a more systemic reaction such as fever, chills, tiredness, and headaches,” Fisher told The Logan Daily News.

The last time The Logan Daily News spoke with the county health commissioner, he shared that he had taken the first vaccine dose. Now, the health commissioner shared that he himself experienced soreness and had a mild headache which quickly went aware after he took acetaminophen, a non-prescription pain medication.

“My headache may have been a coincidence and secondary to something else,” Fisher explained. “I did not have any discomfort or headache by the next morning and was able to go to work without any issues.”

While vaccines are being given, they are in short supply. Starting on Jan. 19, Phase 1 B of the state’s vaccine distribution will roll out to those who are 80 years old or older.

“It will take a while to get all of our senior population vaccinated in the different age groups as outlined by the governor,” Fisher commented.

Currently, anyone can go onto the Hocking County Health Department website (www.hockingcountyhealthdepartment.com) and register for the COVID-19 vaccination.

Additionally, the health commissioner is requesting that the public remain patient during this period of time. He also encourages local residents to register for the vaccine and notes that they will be notified once vaccines are available.

“Please continue to protect yourself and others by following all the public measures that we have become accustomed to: Wear a face covering; wash your hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds; stay at least six feet away from others that do not live in your household; avoid large gatherings, and etc. Mask up, stay safe, and get vaccinated when you have the opportunity,” Fisher advised.


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