LOGAN — The Hocking College Foundation Board (HCFB) in coordination with Century National Bank in Logan, has teamed up to help provide interview clothes for students in need.

Bill Rinehart is the manager of the Logan branch of Century National Bank, and was elected to the HCFB in January.

“After I got on there, I found out that part of the mission of that foundation board is to support the students in a variety of ways. One way is they have a clothing store for students that need clothing for job interviews or when they’re working or something that they can’t afford,” explained Rinehart.

Pat Nash, president of Century National Bank, and Rinehart have taken on the task of collecting business wear for male and female students who can’t afford the proper clothing.

Rinehart expressed that the store on campus where students can pick up the interview attire is low on clothing and wants to fulfill that need. The students not only need proper clothing for job interviews or job fairs, but also their jobs on campus.

“The college does have some businesses also, like the lodge and different things where kids need a tie when they’re working at the desk. Then the college also has a restaurant there in Nelsonville, so the kids have to dress appropriately working in the restaurant,” added Rinehart.

Danita Reynolds, Director of the Career and University Center and Student Transitions, stated they’ve added some new features to the first-year class for students to learn how to be career ready when they graduate.

“We’ve revamped our first-year experience class to include career prep and what we’ve found out through doing that is the students didn’t have the clothes they needed for the career fair and so we decided we needed to do something about that,” expressed Reynolds.

The Career Closet opened in October 2018, and with the first career fair taking place the following month, it was perfect timing.

“When I went to the career fair, I saw a lot of my outfits going in and out of the career fair, so that was kind of fun for me,” added Reynolds.

She mentioned they’ve had a number of students coming in getting their first suit ever and also learning how to properly dress for interviews. However, the Career Closet doesn’t have enough clothing for people of all different sizes. Reynolds added, they only seem to have one size.

Therefore, the store is in need of everything people can donate — belts, button up shirts, dress pants, shoes, blazers or jackets and anything anyone is willing donate that would fit within business casual attire.

Donations can be dropped off at Century National Bank, 61 North Market Street in Logan until March 6.

For more information, contact Bill Rinehart at 740-385-9605 during office hours or by emailing wrinehart@centurynationalbank.com.

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