LOGAN – As of March 29, Ohioans aged 16 and up are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations. However, as The Logan Daily News previously reported, just because minors are eligible does not mean vaccination is immediately accessible.

The only vaccine approved for inoculation for those aged 16–17 is the two-dose Pfizer vaccine. Minors must also have parental or guardian permission to get their shots.

The other two vaccines, the two-dose Moderna and one-dose Johnson & Johnson, are for individuals aged 18 and up. Many providers are focusing on vaccinating adults, and receiving vaccines approved for adult-use only.

There are five providers in Hocking County. The Logan Daily News reached out to check on this week’s scheduling:

Shrivers Pharmacy, 21 Hocking Mall

(740) 216-4496

To schedule a vaccine appointment with Shrivers Pharmacy, individuals can visit www.shriverspharmacy.com/COVID-19-Vaccination/ or call for information. According to its website, Shrivers is awaiting allocations of the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine and will not issue any first-dose Moderna vaccines this week, meaning Shrivers cannot 16- and 17-year-olds this week. However, as for adults, second-dose Moderna clinics are continuing, scheduled as planned.

Kroger pharmacy, 31550 Chieftain Drive

(740) 380-2041

One can determine his or her vaccine eligibility using Kroger’s Virtual Assessment Tool at www.kroger.com/rx/covid-vaccine. Stylized as a chat with “Barney,” individuals respond to prompts to determine vaccine eligibility. Then, they can make appointments to schedule.

For an individual aged 16-17, according to Kroger’s Virtual Assessment Tool, no appointments are available within 20 miles. For individuals aged 18 and up, the Logan Kroger pharmacy had open appointment availability from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday; however, no other appointment dates were yet listed for the rest of the week.

Hocking Valley Community Hospital

HVCH COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, CIC Building, 541 Route 664 N.

(740) 380-8402

Hocking Valley Community Hospital (HVCH) cannot vaccinate 16- and 17-year-olds this week, Chief Public Relations Officer Latricia Johnston said in an email. However, the hospital is still vaccinating individuals aged 18 and up. Those with inquiries can call the hospital for more information and to make arrangements.

Hocking County Health Department, 350 Route 664

(740) 385-3030

Health Commissioner Doug Fisher told The Logan Daily News that the Hocking County Health Department has Moderna vaccines at the time and is only vaccinating those aged 18 and older.

“We are hoping to work with the school and may be able to receive some Pfizer vaccines in the near future,” Fisher said.

The Hocking County Health Department has a COVID-19 Vaccine sign-up available where individuals can sign up to be alerted for when they can schedule a vaccine appointment. More information and sign-up can be found at www.hockingcountyhealthdepartment.com/HCHD-COVID-19-Vaccine-Sign-Up-Form.html.

Hopewell Health Centers

Logan Primary Health Care Clinic, 30381 Chieftain Drive

(740) 385-2555

Hopewell’s Logan Primary Health Care Clinic is only offering vaccines to individuals aged 18 and up. The clinic is offering Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines, a representative said over the phone Monday morning.

The Ohio Department of Health also launched its Vaccine Management Solution (VMS), a “streamlined tool to help Ohioans determine vaccine eligibility, find providers and receive updates and reminders at gettheshot.coronavirus.ohio.gov,” its website says.

When using VMS with Logan’s area code, it says no appointments are available within 20 miles; however, it does list Hocking County providers and their contact information. Over the coming weeks, the state’s website says, full booking functionality on VMS will expand statewide.

As of Monday, the county had 1,337 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the health department’s Facebook page. According to the state’s online COVID-19 vaccination dashboard, as of Monday, 8,119 people in Hocking County have started their vaccines – roughly 28.7% of the population — the majority of whom are in the 50–59 age range.

Only 80 people between the age of birth and 19 started vaccinations in Hocking County. This compares to bordering counties Athens, 548; Fairfield, 630; Perry, 86; Ross, 222; and Vinton, 25.

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