Karrolle-Ann Dusek has found a rewarding summer job experience that is helping her prepare for a future in business management and helping others.

LOGAN — Karrolle-Ann Dusek, Rural Feeding Clerk for the Southeastern Ohio Food Bank is doing her part in the community by, “just doing what’s right.”

Dusek is part of the Hocking Athens Perry Community Action Program (HAPCAP) called Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCMEP) that places teenagers and young adults on a positive path in life.

Participants agree to not only have HAPCAP representatives help them find summer employment in their area of interest, but they also commit to other areas of their need. Some of the opportunities are attending job-related training workshops, mentoring relationships and counseling.

Dusek’s experience has been very positive and she highly encourages others to get involved and stick with it to see the benefits.

“They placed me in two locations to work where I have an interest. In the future, I want to get a business management degree because it can be very versatile. They got me a job here at the food bank helping with clerical, computer, filing and phone calls. They also got me on at the homeless shelter for two days a week,” she said with a proud smile.

This summer job appears to be very helpful to Dusek as she is building her resume, and was given something personalized to her interests.

“They tuned into my interest to set up my summer job; they tie-in together really well. I know they have other people who have an interest in animals who are working with them. They have people doing like in-home care or care with elderly, and there was one person who was interested in cars and he was hired after his summer job to stay on with Cherry’s,” Dusek added.

Dusek has been helping the kitchen staff manager with the summer food program by filing meal count paperwork. She has also been instrumental in contacting nearly 200 families and individuals with families needing food assistance.

“We make the phone calls to get them signed up for a distribution site. We help get their paperwork done so all they have to do is show up to get the food,” she described.

Apparently she is doing well and her co-workers are appreciative. As she walked through the office during a visit with The Logan Daily News, a co-worker spoke with kind words of encouragement and thanking her for doing such a good job.

What Dusek has found most rewarding so far this summer is, “knowing that I’ve been a huge help, doing the right thing for other people.”

Chrissy King, a Regional Food Center clerk, who has been in her position for two years has been training Dusek. She pointed out what a great job Dusek has been doing.

“She kept encouraging me and she trained me really well,” Dusek said with appreciation.

She concluded her thoughts on the summer experience with HAPCAP’s CCMEP by quoting a familiar phrase, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

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