LOGAN – Spring beauty can arrive in full-force thanks to efforts from organizations like Logan in Bloom.

Logan in Bloom is part of America in Bloom, or AIB, a nationwide program that promotes beautification through education and community involvement, according to the AIB website. It has worked with over 245 communities across the country since it started in 2001.

Logan in Bloom has been active since 2004, Logan in Bloom Chair Rick Webb said. The yearly beautification is about more than appearances though, Webb explained.

“It’s not just about flowers,” Webb said. “It’s a pretty big economic development and community development program and it covers the areas of historic restorations, environmental issues, community vitality — parks, and areas to walk and athletic facilities — overall impression, floral displays, landscape areas and urban forestry.”

Participation in AIB is also competitive; each year ends with an award ceremony and symposium. Traditionally, two judges come to an AIB competing community to score it in categories such as Webb described.

However, this year’s festivities, like 2020’s, are virtual due to COVID, Webb said. Logan in Bloom has seen great success since its inception and ranks high as an award winner for many years.

Last year, Logan won the AIB award for “Economic Excitement.” The Logan Daily News previously reported that in 2019, Logan in Bloom won two more AIB awards, one for floral display and one for landscaping.

“The one (AIB) award we’ve won more than any other community in the country is (for) community involvement,” Webb said.

Logan in Bloom is so successful because of its dedicated volunteers, Webb said. In one instance, 70 volunteers planted over 1,000 plants in three hours. Everything Logan in Bloom does is by volunteers, he said.

“We’ve done well,” Webb said. “We get a lot of people who come out (to volunteer)... We’ve tabulated the number of hours — (of volunteers) from the tourism association, hospital, church activities, food pantries — it’s phenomenal how much people in Logan (help).”

Logan in Bloom often works with the city for its volunteer efforts and planting coordination too, Webb said. In fact, Logan in Bloom helped start the City of Logan Tree Commission, Webb added.

Many of the flowers Logan in Bloom plants come from Webb’s own wholesale greenhouse, he said. In April, he and other volunteers will plant petunias and perennials. Later in the season, they will install hanging baskets in town.

Webb is excited to see Logan in Bloom 2021.

“It’s spectacular — the breathtaking floral displays we’ve been putting in,” Webb said.

Logan in Bloom will have two spring planting sessions on Tuesday, April 13; the first from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and the second from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. The second planting session will be at Worthington Park. In case of rain, both sessions will be moved to April 14. Volunteers will also plant tender annuals at Worthington Park on Monday, May 17.

More information on Logan in Bloom can be found on its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/loganinbloom/.

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