LOGAN – Logan Police have released more details on a fatal crash that took place last Saturday in the traffic roundabout on state Route 664 near U.S. 33, including the name of the driver who was killed.

James E. White, 79, of Church Street in Logan was pronounced dead at the scene, after crashing his 1998 Chevrolet Astro van around noon.

According to a police report, a witness who had been driving behind White told police that she saw White’s van driving into the roundabout at high speed and not braking. According to the witness account, “The van continued straight through the circle, over the inner concrete of the roundabout, jumped the curb, and then dropped out of sight.”

The witness said she and another person got out of their cars and ran to look down the hill toward where the van had ended up. Someone called 911, and the witnesses tried to flag down another vehicle in an attempt to locate a fire extinguisher.

A newspaper account of the accident stated that the van caught on fire after the crash. The police report gives no indication that this happened, other than the witness comment about seeking a fire extinguisher.

The Police Department has suggested that there may have been a medical issue affecting White, though from a listing of options in a section called “contributing circumstances,” the report chooses “not discernible.”

The report indicates that White was not wearing a seat belt or other safety equipment, that an air bag did not deploy, that he was not ejected from the vehicle, and that he was extricated by mechanical means.

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