Shawn Floyd

Shawn Floyd

NELSONVILLE — A Nelsonville area man is being held on $100,000 bond in the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail for the alleged aggravated assault of a Logan man.

Shawn E. Floyd, 45, allegedly shot 19-year-old Logan resident Karsten Campbell in the neck last month, the bullet coming within an inch of Campbell’s spine, according to a Hocking County Sheriff’s Office (HSCO) report obtained by The Logan Daily News.

The report includes dramatically differing accounts of the confrontation that led to the shooting outside the Sanner Road residence.where Floyd lives with others. It appears, however, that a group of young men including Campbell had driven to the residence early the morning of Aug. 14 with the notion of confronting someone who lived there about a dispute involving drugs and money. At some point Floyd by his own account began shooting at the car Campbell was driving, though he told investigators he did so after he thought the car had hit someone, and it was accelerating toward him. (He also claims he had jumped in a ditch before firing at the car as it was driving away.)

Around 6 a.m. on Aug. 14, HCSO deputies were notified of a victim who had been shot on Sanner Road in Nelsonville. The victim, Campbell, was transported by Medflight to Grant Medical Center in Columbus (Campbell apparently has been discharged; when The Logan Daily News contacted Grant on Friday the hospital reported he was no longer there.)

According to the incident report, there were approximately six bullet holes in, and one apparent ricochet into, the vehicle Campbell had been driving; the HCSO also observed broken glass, blood and an apparent bullet hole in the cover of the driver’s seat where Campbell was sitting when he was shot.

An officer later observed Campbell in the hospital, stating in the report, “I briefly viewed Mr. Campbell’s back as he sat upright and observed a small caliber entry wound beneath the base of his neck (right side), about an inch from his spine.”

James McKnight of the sheriff’s office was also called in to assist in the shooting investigation. When he arrived at the scene he spoke to Eric Spears, 20, who was sitting passenger in the vehicle with Campbell when he was shot. Apparently, a 15-year-old was also in the vehicle when the shooting occurred, according to the incident report.

Spears told McKnight that he and Campbell started hanging out around 6 p.m. on Aug. 13. Later that evening the younger brother of a 17-year-old boy, both of whom share an address with Floyd, reportedly began texting Campbell, “starting trouble,” the report states.

Spears told the officer that Meadows accused Spears and Campbell of taking money from him. He said they went to Meadows’ house and pulled into the driveway and started yelling at Meadows, telling him to come outside.

Spears said that then six to eight people exited the house headed toward the car; Campbell then backed the vehicle out of the driveway and into the roadway, he claimed. Spears said they started slowly down the road, when the people from the house began throwing objects at the car. Spears said Campbell then backed up past them, while they continued to throw things at the car.

At this time, the incident report states, Spears said Campbell started to turn around in the driveway, then went driving back past the people. Then, he said, they “saw a bright flashlight” and “got hit with a whole bunch of bullets,” the report states. Spears said Campbell was shot in the back, and when he tried to walk, he “just crumbled.”

Spears told the officer that Meadows “wanted to fight Campbell” over a $100 debt related to dabs, which are a type of marijuana concentrate. Spears told McKnight he counted at least four rounds that hit the car, plus one through the windows, but believed he heard at least eight or nine rounds fired. Spears said they did not have a weapon in the car, according to the incident report.

Floyd recounted to officer Vincent Scalmato of the sheriff’s office that on the morning of the shooting, he was awakened by three to four unknown males and unknown teenagers arguing in his driveway, the incident report states.

Floyd reportedly told Scalmato he grabbed his “22 Rifle” and went to investigate the situation. Floyd stated he saw a white vehicle, possibly a Honda, head eastbound on Sanner Road. Floyd said he believed he heard a “thud” and thought someone had been hit by the vehicle.

Floyd said that while standing on the grass near the roadway and near his driveway, he observed a vehicle accelerating and aimed at it while traveling westbound. Floyd said he then jumped away from the road and into the ditch. Floyd said he then fired his rifle four times and struck the vehicle’s tail lights. Floyd confirmed that he shot at the vehicle after it had passed, the report says.

Floyd told Scalmato that he shot the taillights “so law enforcement could find out who it was if need be,” the incident report states. The officer asked Floyd if he had contacted the sheriff’s office, to which he replied no, because he had a major headache. Floyd later said he did not have access to a phone, the report says.

The officer confirmed that Floyd had a concealed carry permit and asked him if he had ever been trained to fire shots after a threat had left. Floyd stated hadn’t, but “know that police officers mark vehicles with their fingers,” the incident report states.

According to the incident report, HCSO deputies secured search warrants regarding the incident and seized numerous items, including drugs, paraphernalia and cash from the Sanner Road residence.

On Aug. 16 Floyd was arraigned by Judge Frederick T. Moses in the Hocking County Municipal Court and given a $100,000 cash/surety bond. On Aug. 30 Floyd was indicted on three charges: improper discharge of a firearm, a first-degree felony; and two counts of felonious assault, second-degree felonies with gun specifications.

Floyd is currently being held at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.

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