LOGAN — The city of Logan is offering a little more than 20 free refurbished bicycles as Christmas gifts to residents this year.

A local anonymous resident pledged to repair the “rogue” (unclaimed) bicycles to a functional state, Logan Mayor Greg Fraunfelter told The Logan Daily News Wednesday. The Logan Police Department’s (LPD) Shop with a Cop fund paid for the needed parts.

Out of 80 unclaimed bikes, 24 were salvageable. The bikes that weren’t salvageable were sold for scrap metal, which helped pay for the others’ repairs. They are being stored by Out of the Boat Ministries, the mayor said.

“The idea is these bikes we are going to, if they’re kids, if they have a child or a kid, a teenager, whatever, who needs one a bike and they cannot afford it, these are the bikes they can go look at,” Fraunfelter said, adding that bike sizes range from children’s bikes to standard size.

Additionally, the city is allowed two-year licensing for the bicycles; the fee is $1 for two years and includes a special tag for the bike. “And for these 24 bikes, there will be no charges; it’ll be licensed,” the mayor said.

Mayor Fraunfelter stressed that the LPD who coordinated the free bicycle giveaway. He said it’s a good feeling to know that the city is giving back.

“Anything that we can do to help, we try, and Christmas is a big time for kids,” the mayor said. “One of the things that for me, is the idea of Christmas being done all year round. So you’re helping the needy, helping those that want a bike — a lot of kids want a bike. So it’s a good thing.”

Those interested may contact the LPD at (740) 385-6866 and make a request. Bikes will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and names, addresses and phone numbers are required for the LPD to enter the bicycles into a database for licensing in case of loss or theft.

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