Logan store uses lanterns to serve customers

Photo by Janey Saving

Jeremy Bennett holds the lantern of Trevor Saving (foreground) as he searches for the items Jeremy and his dad, Jerry, need at Saving Hardware on Friday.

LOGAN — Amid Hocking County's unprecedented blackout, one business has stood out in its efforts to serve customers, even using lanterns to get the job done in the dark.

Saving Hardware at the corner of Main and Mulberry streets opened Thursday morning even though there was no electricity anywhere in town. By the end of the day, they had nearly sold out of flashlights and batteries, and the Saving family vowed to open Friday, electricity or not.

While many downtown businesses had power Friday, Saving Hardware sits on the west side of Main Street where power was spotty. The business remained in the dark. The store didn't miss a beat. As customers ventured in for extension cords, kerosene heaters and the last of the store's batteries, employees wore Carhartt clothes to stay warm and used lanterns to help folks find what they needed.

The store's efforts attracted the attention of other businesses. Throughout Friday, fellow merchants who opened after their own power was restored, commented on how they admired the hardware store's dedication and service to the community.

"That's really going above and beyond to help the community," commented one restaurant's general manager.

As half of Hocking County still was without power, customers came to replenish supplies, repair damage and prepare for another storm in the forecast. Saving Hardware eventually found itself with empty shelves.

"They've run out of everything," Janey Saving, whose husband Bill is president of Saving hardware stores, said Friday afternoon. But that won't stop them. A special Do-It Best shipment was arriving Saturday morning with emergency supplies.

Janey Saving said they did not know the exact contents of the truck because they couldn't check the shipment online, but employees would be there to receive it none the less.

As Hocking County crawls out of this crisis, the Saving family will be at the store, just as they have for decades on end.

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