Cory Kerns

Cory Kerns


LOGAN — A new member of the Logan Fire Department was sworn in Monday morning and he looks forward to starting his position in his hometown.

Born and raised in Logan, Cory Kerns is a new father of a two-month old little girl and husband to an RN whom he met in Circleville. Both parents have recently found jobs closer to home so they have more time as a family.

“The chance to be home with her more is awesome. It’s tough being gone for 24 hours,” Kerns expressed when talking about his daughter.

Kerns graduated from Logan High School in 2004 and began working in a factory as his first job out of school. The day-to-day routine soon lost interest for Kerns and he decided he wanted to help others while also having something new everyday, so he volunteered for the Logan Fire Department for two years.

During volunteering, a position at the Circleville Fire Department opened up and Kerns worked there for 12 years while still living in Logan. Kerns was a paramedic for most of his time in Circleville and became lieutenant in 2015.

Kerns received his rescue tech certification through Bowling Green State University and his Fire Officer I through Franklin University.

Kerns noted he’s most looking forward to being closer to home but also the larger scope covered by the LFD compared to Circleville.

“Obviously helping the community out, but the large dynamic runs that we’ll get here because it’s a vast amount of different runs — we’ll have water rescue here that we didn’t in Circleville, a lot of different high angle rescues and low angle rescues that I didn’t have the opportunity to do over there,” explained Kerns.

Kerns elaborated the coverage was smaller in Circleville because they only covered the incorporated area of 6.5 square miles compared to the 94 square miles in the coverage of Logan.

Kerns explained the opening of this position was something he was looking forward to for a while.

“I grew up here, I know everyone here and it’s still a small town atmosphere and I like the small town atmosphere where everyone helps everyone. It’s good to be home,” concluded Kerns.


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