LAURELVILLE – Over 40 animals and multiple weapons were seized by the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office and the Hocking County Humane Society from a Laurelville home in late January.

According to a report on the Hocking County Sheriff Office’s Facebook page, on Jan. 21, the sheriff department received a complaint of animal neglect and cruelty at a State Route 180 residence. After investigating, the department obtained a search warrant which it served on Jan. 22.

“From the driveway, the deputy and agent could see several animals on the exterior of the residence in obvious distress,” the Facebook post said. “During the search, dogs were found without food or water both inside and outside the residence.”

According to an incident report obtained by The Logan Daily News, a total of 42 dogs were seized, 25 of which were puppies. Deputies also found an estimated 80 to 120 pigeons, two cows and several chickens, one of which was alive, but frozen to the ground.

Two detectives and two deputies from the sheriff’s office were at the seizure, along with a representative from the Hocking Hocking Health Department, an agent from the humane society and five humane society volunteers.

The incident report also said five canines located inside the home were found in wire crates not large enough for the canine to turn around; none had food or water.

All of the seized animals are in the custody of the Hocking County Humane Society.

Additionally, five cultivated marijuana plants were also seized, along with three dried bags of marijuana. The report did not specify the size or weight of the bags. Deputies also seized three guns: a Remington 760, a Hatfield shotgun and a Winchester AR-15.

Bobby and Tracey Fox, aged 51 and 52 respectively, were listed as offenders, the offenses being having weapons while under disability and prohibitions concerning companion animals — felonies in the third and fifth degree, respectively.

The case is still in the investigation phase, but the county plans on pursuing felony animal cruelty charges, Hocking County Prosecutor Ryan Black told The Logan Daily News.

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