Students make cards for seniors

Students across Hocking County can participate in making Christmas cards to brighten the holiday for area seniors. The Hocking County Soil & Water Conservation District needs the public’s help to finish the goal of roughly 300 cards. They are offering a free and fun card-making workshop on Thursday, Dec. 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the district’s office at 148 N. Homer Ave.

LOGAN — Ever wonder how your holiday cards can be reused? Well, Hocking County Soil & Water Conservation District has you covered — community members are invited to a workshop where those old cards will be transformed into new ones for seniors in the area.

Last year was the first time the Conservation District hosted this public event and because it went so well they decided to bring it back again.

From 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 13, people can participate in the Holiday Card Making Workshop in the District’s conference room at 148 N. Homer Ave.

Cards that have been donated and other recyclable materials will be made into beautiful and unique homemade cards. This year the Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter, Carlin House and Hocking County Meals on Wheels clients will be receiving the cards.

Jenna Balazs, an AmeriCorps volunteer with the office, estimates they’ll need to make roughly 200 to 300 cards, because she also plans to ask Logan Care and Rehabilitation if they would like cards for their residents as well.

Beginning the week of Dec. 10, Balazs and Rebecca Miller, Hocking SWCD Education Specialist, will go around to different schools each morning to have cards created by students. Schools participating include Union Furnace, Hocking Hills, Central, Green and Chieftain Elementary.

“I love the creativity that the kids have when they make the cards and they just write — some of them will use messages that we have already and they’ll glue them into the card — but some of the kids will write their own holiday messages and those are just cute,” Balazs expressed.

Balazs commented that last year was a full house compared to what they were expecting and she is working to accommodate everyone that comes this year.

Hot chocolate, cookies and Christmas music played last year and some even took the time to dress up. Balazs noted that it was a great atmosphere and really fun — “a Girl Scout troop ended up staying the whole time and just made a bunch of cards last year.”

Hot glue guns, glue and other tools and supplies to create the holiday cards will be provided. Miller and Balazs plan on delivering all the cards to the various agencies on Monday, Dec. 17.

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