Dogs and girls

Girl Scouts from Troop 2546 organized an ADOPT-A-THON. From left is Vanessa Koren, Bailey Lape, Theresa Keels holding “Charlie,” Amber Keslar RTO General Manager, Madison Colvin holding “Cooper,” and Annette McCall of RTO raised $1,500. They also found homes for seven dogs and two cats at the Saturday, June 8 event. Proceeds benefit the Hocking County Humane Society.

LOGAN — Girl Scout Troop 2546 made seven dogs and two cats very happy by finding them new homes during the ADOPT-A-THON held .

The girls were working on a long term project that involved many steps in order to achieve the second highest scouting award available, the Silver Award.

They earned nearly $1,500, according to troop leader, Monica Koren.

“They (the girls) purchased Adopt-Me reflective vests and matching leashes to raise public awareness when the humane society is out walking the dogs. That way people will know that they are adoptable, not just out walking,” explained Koren.

What really helped was Poochie Parlor taking the dogs to give them flea and tick treatment baths, grooming, and toenail trimming before they were taken to the ADOPT-A-THON.

The dogs and cats can be taken by their new owners to Creature Comforts Veterinary Center in Carroll, to be spayed and neutered. This cost is covered by the donations.

“The animals received their shots at the Hocking County Humane Society,” according to Carol Bownes, HCHS employee.

The new owners received a certificate, information about caring for the animals, as well as the spay/neuter information. The information received was from a brochure created by Girl Scout, Vanessa Koren. She included general information on how to care for a pet. These brochures are being used by the Humane Society for future adoptions, as well as at the ADOPT-A-THON event.

“The kids did a great job. They had a lot of backing from businesses in Logan. Two cats finding homes was really good because there’s always so many cats that people are giving away from large litters.

“They had to work hard to make it turn out as nice as they did. We are very thankful to them for helping the humane society,” commented Bownes.

Amber Keslar, General Manager of Rent-to-Own (RTO), is willing to host another event because of the success of this one.

“It was so well run that we’re donating proceeds from our Washboard Festival kayak raffle to the Humane Society. Last year we raised about $1,500 from the raffle,” Keslar shared.

The ADOPT-A-THON was clearly a success. According to Koren, people were arriving as they were pulling in to set up for the day.

Bailey Lape, Theresa Keels, Erica Keels, Madison Colvin, and Vanessa Koren, Girl Scouts from Troop 2546, gained positive community support, showed excellent leadership skills and have made both animals and people happy.

Sounds like an award-winning combination, hopefully enough for the girls to get the Silver Award. To further assisting the HCHS, they can be contacted at 740-380-9109.

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