LOGAN – Local fourth and sixth grade students experienced several adventures when they participated in the Hocking Adventure and Discovery Camp recently. According to Rebecca Miller, education specialist with the Hocking County Soil and Water Conservation District, the children traveled around Hocking County to discover all of the cool things that they can do in their own backyards.

“This year we partnered with Joe Brehm from Rural Action and practiced survival skills at Bishop Educational Gardens. The kids took a hike and learned about plants to avoid as well as recognizing plants that they can survive on as well. We also discussed the importance of the ecosystem and what happens if something fails in the ecosystem and how it affects the food chain. We made hemlock and spice bush tea, learned how to build a fire utilizing four different methods and they even built their own fire so that they could cook their lunch too,” she said.

In addition, the children practiced building shelters and making survival bracelets.

“The second day we canoed the Hocking River, the third day we spent at Boch Hollow Nature Preserve learning orienteering skills in the morning, where they learned about what their pace was, how to use a compass and had a scavenger hunt using the skills they learned,” she added.

The youngsters spent the third day searching for dragonflies and damselflies “They loved learning about these amazing insets as well as learning about aquatic macro-invertebrates,” she said.

Miller said the Hocking Adventure and Discovery Camp is kept at a really low cost thanks to the donations from local individuals.

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