SUGAR GROVE — The Village of Sugar Grove received an Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board (OHRAB) grant in the amount of $2,538 for organizing and preserving local records spanning 70 years.

The project “Preserving Sugar Grove’s Legacy” aims to digitize records as early as 1870 through 1940 and store the records using high quality archival preservation supplies. The Village Council also committed funding for a village archivist to work part-time to support this project and the Village’s records commission.

State Senator Tim Schaffer, representing District 20, urged the OHRAB to support Sugar Grove’s project.

“Grant funding would help retain a plethora of invaluable historical records. Genealogists, educational institutions and its pupils, elected officials, and the public at large routinely use these records,” said Schaffer in his letter of support.

Jeremy VanMeter, Village Clerk and Chief Fiscal Officer, stated that the project would make historic documents immediately accessible to the public, as the Village plans to publish them on its website.

The Village has a project timeline of six months to archive the records in accordance with the grant guidelines. VanMeter stated that he hopes the Village will be able to secure ongoing funding in sustaining the preservation of Village records.

“Oftentimes records preservation is the last item to be considered in a small village’s budget, but Sugar Grove officials take pride in the community and understand the importance of preserving its story. This is evidenced by the strong support of the Mayor and Council in hiring an archivist and reorganizing the records commission,” VanMeter said.

For more information about the Village’s project and to see historical records as they become accessible online, visit

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