ASHVILLE — A man was shot and killed by law enforcement officers Thursday on the grounds of an apartment complex in the Village of Ashville following a prolonged chase through two counties with multiple instances of the suspect using a weapon.

Law enforcement did not release the man’s name or age Tuesday. Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin and Robert Radcliff, Pickaway County’s sheriff each said the suspect was not known, at least immediately, to their departments. The investigation is ongoing.

What they did reveal was that it started in Fairfield County sometime around 3:30 p.m. when someone called to report a male driving a black Chevy Camaro and brandishing a weapon. The vehicle was later seen in southern Franklin County in the Obetz and Hamilton Township areas and where shots were reportedly fired.

“From that point, we tried to find the vehicle,” Baldwin said. “A Rickenbacker airport officer spotted the car and then began following it.”

Units were sent to help the airport officer, and eventually the officer and other law enforcement agencies found themselves at 800 Long Street in the Village where the suspect pulled into the apartment complex. It turned into a standoff.

To the immediate north of the apartments, Megan Fisher went to use the bathroom in her home when she noticed from a window that a car she had never seen before was just sitting in the driveway. She decided to go outside and found that “the whole driveway was blocked by cops.”

Fisher said the man was pointing at police and screaming.

Sheriff Radcliff said the suspect pulled into the complex realizing the airport authority officer was following him. Sheriff’s deputies, Ashville police officers and state troopers showed up to the scene as well.

“He initiated confrontation in the driveway,” Radcliff said.

Officers tried to neutralize the suspect by using a Taser on him, but he fought through it.

“At that point, he got back into the vehicle and became mobile again,” Radcliff said.

Everything remained in the complex, and after the suspect stopped again, officers once more tried negotiating. The Franklin County SWAT team was called in and it tried negotiating with him as well.

“Unfortunately, after a period of time, a threat was made and deadly force was used and the suspect was shot and killed,” Baldwin said.

Fisher said she went back inside her home and later heard gunshots, followed by her father saying scanner traffic mentioned DOA — “and we know what that means.”

* * *

Craig Lovelace is the editor of the Circleville Herald.

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