LOGAN – Two officers from the Hocking County sheriff’s office have been taken off active duty while an outside agency investigates whether they violated office policy, a department spokesman confirmed Monday.

Major Caleb Moritz identified the two officers as Chief Deputy David Valkinburg and Lt. Edwin Downs.

“They are on paid administrative leave while the internal investigation surrounding allegations of internal policy violations takes place,” Moritz said.

Sheriff Lanny North has released the following statement regarding the probe:

“I can confirm that two sheriff’s office employees have been placed on paid administrative leave. These employees have been placed on leave while an internal investigation into allegations of possible misconduct is conducted. To avoid any possibility or question of impropriety in the investigation, I have requested that an outside agency from a nonadjacent county conduct the investigation. I do want to make it clear, that the fact that these two are on paid leave does not indicate that they are being disciplined for any wrongdoing at this point. However, it signals that I want a complete, thorough and unbiased investigation to be conducted to uncover the true facts of the allegations, whatever they may be.”

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