The 89th Whitehouse Reunion was held August 26, 2018 at the Jack and Vicki Hartley Farm on Whitehouse Road in Rose Farm. Over 60 friends and relatives weathered the 90 degree heat and attended.

It was a fun day for everyone, with plenty of food, and fellowship. Prizes were awarded for this year’s attendees — Oldest Man, Ed Smith; Oldest Woman, Janet Stevenson; Newest Married, Michele and Larry Short; and youngest baby, Lilly.

Officers elected — President, Josh Hartley; Vice President, Vicki (Whitehouse) Hartley; Secretary, Rachael (Whitehouse) Smith; and Corresponding Secretary, Linda (Whitehouse) Martin.

Thanks to Craig Smith our auctioneer, the purse and white elephant auction was a success. Thanks goes to Shirley Taylor in the afternoon which brought smiles to the young children as they enjoyed the fish pond, and the adults enjoyed the bingo games. Thanks goes to Jack and Vicki for hosting the event. See you all next year.

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