Oct. 3 results

Third-Fourth grade

Vikings 14, Bears 6 — Vikings (3-0): Bentley Montgomery punt return touchdown and 2-point conversion run, Hudson Edwards TD run. Bears (2-1): Reed Enderle TD pass from Coen Hartman.

Bengals 8, Giants 6 — Bengals (1-2): Dalton Olvera TD run and 2-point conversion run. Giants (0-3): Kolton Skaggs TD run.

Fifth-Sixth grade

Patriots 8, Bengals 0 — Patriots (1-3) Caleb Coakley TD run, Nick Moses 2-point conversion run. Bengals: (1-2).

Cowboys 27, Bengals 0 — Cowboys (4-0): Braden Shriner TD run and TD punt return, Daniel Bauer and Cody Hartman TD passes from Shriner, Conner Hartman 2-point conversion run, Bauer 1-point conversion pass from Shriner. Bengals: (1-3).

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