Yesterday the Lady Chiefs soccer team lost to an 11-1-0 Chillicothe soccer team.

Travelling to Chillicothe in the afternoon, the Lady Chiefs knew this game was going to be one of their most difficult of the season. During a brutal Thursday battle against Unioto, the team had suffered some pretty tough setbacks in injuries, causing them to lack a little bit of speed and aggression. Nonetheless the ladies played with their hearts on their sleeves, and continued to push one another to play their best.

In the first half, the Lady Chiefs held off a very good Chillicothe team. Dani Wolfe led the game in steals totalling eight, a remarkable feat. Following not far behind in steals were Maya Burggraf, Madison Turner, Emilee Kessler, Caroline Osburn, Alivia Magdich, Josie Funk, Kendyl Glenn, and Brooklin Harris. Also in the first half were two great shots taken on Chillicothe, by Brooklin Harris and Mollie Landis.

These moments can be frustrating for athletes, but it takes a lot out of an athlete to make up for injuries your teammates may be unfortunately suffering. These two ladies along with forwards Carly Leach, Avery Cook-Porter and Carsyn Lawrence truly had to use their dribble and speed to get the ball down to the Chillicothe side. Emilee Kessler is always present and willing to put in the work to carry the ball down the side, switching with her teammates in order to send crosses into the middle. She played an exceptional game totaling six crosses in the game. Going into the second half the score was 0-0.

Chillicothe scored a quick goal in the first six minutes of the half. When this happens, it’s hard to not get angry and to keep your cool and stay focused. The Lady Chiefs really worked to suppress these emotions, and work as a team. Brooklin Harris sent in a great cross to Carly; these are hard to finish especially when the pressure for the goal is on. Brooklin also had one more shot in the half, which she barely missed. Chillicothe scored one more goal 10 minutes after their first.

With plenty of time left, the Lady Chiefs didn’t back down, but the exhaustion of only a day of rest between games, and small injuries among many athletes, really makes it tough to push through with passion. As Coach Greg Rimkus observed, “Sometimes the other team has the luck with the goals and it is just not your day. Even the Bucks get a week off between games and in soccer, you run a lot more.”

Coach Brandy Ball added, “We’re thankful for our tough schedule. We’ve never been a team to take on only the games we know we can win. We will continue to schedule tough games because our girls want that challenge. They want to prove that they don’t just deserve to win, they want to earn it. A tough loss for the Lady Chiefs, but it’s a new week, playing different teams, and working through whatever setbacks we may have.”

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