Jon Rose — a paramedic and father, aside from being the owner of the new business, Bigfoot Hollow — spent his rare free time over the past few months assembling the paintball courses and range.

In addition to its shooting range, the Bigfoot Hollow contains a speedball course for fast play, a fortress course with structures for hiding and shelter, and a woodland course.

The paintball park is located minutes away from Burr Oak State Park.

“If Bigfoot is lurking about, I assume he’s going to be somewhere near, which is exciting,” Rose said, nodding to the name of his business. Inspiration for the name came with the help of his family, who are all fascinated by paranormal and cryptid lore.

The drive to create a paintball park in Glouster, however, partly came from the sheer lack of things to do in the area, Rose said. He noted that those in search of outdoor adventure recreation, such as paintball battling, often have to travel out of the county to the Columbus area and beyond. His Black Road property already contained several acres that could make for an optimal paintball playground.

“We wanted a space where people can come for birthday parties, group events and more,” Rose said. He’s hoping to attract people from around the county and outside of the county to the Glouster area.

Inclusivity is an important component of the park, too. Not all people who attend paintball parks actually want to be shot with paintballs, after all. That’s why the park includes a range with colorful targets in different sizes and shapes to allow people to participate in ways they are comfortable with.

Players must be 8 years or older to play on the competitive courses, Rose said. All are welcome to take aim at the paintball range, which doesn’t include an admission fee to use. In addition, the property contains empty fields and a creek that are free to explore.

The paintball course is also operated with respect to its natural setting in mind, Rose said. For example, paintball pellets don’t actually contain paint; rather, they are filled with biodegradable materials, like cornstarch.

Shooting at animals, too, is a banishable offense, said Rose, who also coordinates a wildlife sanctuary.

For the time being, Bigfoot Hollow is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for general play, while parties can be scheduled throughout the week by reservation.

For more information about Bigfoot Hollow, visit

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