GIBISONVILLE — Results from Tuesday’s horseshoe matches at the Laurel Township Recreation Center courts:

Round 1A doubles: Wayne Grove and Dick Roe, first place; John Martin and Ralph Knadler, second; Leo Kunkler Jr. and Harry Brown, third; Clyde Johnson and Ken Wilson, fourth.

Round 1B doubles: Tom Rhodes and Jack Hunter, first; Jerry Russell and Scott Hunter, second; Chris Kessler and Arlen Wolfe, third; Dave Miller and Mike Wine, fourth.

Round 2 doubles: John Martin and Jack Hunter, first; Dick Roe and Arlen Wolfe, second; Ron Westhoven and Scott Hunter, third; Ken Wilson and Mike Wine, fourth.


Open play is held every Tuesday through September, with registration at 6 p.m. and play beginning at 6:30. The public is invited to participate. Contact Ken Wilson (740-385-2702) for more information.

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