The Logan JV and Varsity girls’ soccer teams lost against top-20 seed Pickerington Central. A rainy and cold evening didn’t stop Logan from giving their all in their last regular season game.

The JV game ended 0-12, but believe it or not, Logan’s spirits were still high.

“These ladies are aware that their growth throughout the season both as a team and individually cannot be measured by a game like this,” Coach Brandy Ball said. “They are proud of their accomplishments this season and as their coaches, we are too.”

Kati Straus had one of her best games of the season in the net. She totaled 17 saves in the game, with 13 of those in the first half. The rain didn’t stop Kati from diving, and sliding for every ball she could. Her blocks were extremely impressive considering the wet conditions she had to work in. The whole team showed this kind of commitment.

“When we asked if the girls needed a sub, none of them wanted to come out,” Ball recalled. “This says a lot about their strength as a team. They trust one another, and don’t give up, no matter the score.”

Emilie Oney did a great job sending some long balls to her forward teammates, but it couldn’t get past a good Pickerington Central defense. Steals for the evening were by Emilie Oney, Jordan Abram, Avery Cook-Porter, Gabby Mundy, Josie Funk and Mira Burns.

Breanna Sams, Tamera Colson, Lindsay Littler, Abrei Ellinger and Sarah Leon really turned up their aggression and ran through the ball trying to prevent a Pick Central carry throughout the night. Madison McGhee worked hard to carry the ball along the sideline, and made a great pass forward to Avery Cook-Porter.

Logan worked hard to create plays like this, but Pickerington Central just had a very strong team.

“Games against Columbus teams will always be tough because there is more opportunity for year-round soccer,” Ball noted. “We will continue to play these tough games because they’re an experience that every team should have, and they help us improve our skills, and methods as a team throughout the years. I have to say, this team is so much fun to coach. They’re respectful, hard-working, dedicated and passionate. We’re proud of their season and their growth.”

The varsity girls lost to Pickerington Central 0-5, though Ball suggested that in terms of possession and ball winning, Logan had largely controlled the play.

In the first half Dani Wolfe led in steals totaling four; close behind her were Maya Burggraf, Brooklin Harris, Madison Turner, Blair Kline and Caroline Osburn. Shots on net were taken by Brooklin Harris, Caroline Osburn and Mollie Landis.

The Lady Chieftains held off Pickerington for 20 minutes, when they placed their first goal into the net. Keeper Sarah Schwartze had her work cut out for her tonight, seeing as Pickerington was definitely a team that “boots and shoots.” They have some extremely quick and skilled forwards who their teammates would feed the ball to.

Defenders Dani Wolfe, Maya Burggraf, Emilee Kessler and Blair Kline continuously worked as a unit to hold off the Pick Central ladies. Schwartze had nine saves in the first half and eight in the second. These saves were not simple and straight to her; she really had to position herself well, and predict where these shots were going.

“Scores like this are always tough on keepers; they feel so much responsibility,” Ball suggested. “Both of our keepers last night did a fantastic job considering what they were up against. Caroline Osburn made a particularly impressive run down the middle where teammates Brooklin Harris and Emilee Kessler worked the ball down the side and sent in a great cross. This type of effort and thoughtfulness is what makes our team so successful.”

Pick Central placed one more goal in before the half, and were leading 0-2 at halftime.

Logan players came back out fighting in the second half, when their midfielders continuously worked the ball through the back, the middle and along the sidelines. Madison Turner, Caroline Osburn and Avery Cook-Porter did not slow down.

“They understood that they must be mindful and conscious about the choices they made and in my opinion they did many great things,” according to Ball.

Burggraf had two great carries, one of which was finished by a great shot from Harris. Burggraf carried the ball all the way from the back, beating multiple Pick Central girls, and made a quick pass to Harris who had the perfect one touch, that happened to go straight to a good Pick Central keeper.

Harris had a few more shots during the evening that were close to going in. Burggraf led in steals for this half with four; Dani Wolfe, Emilee Kessler and Blair Kline were right behind her. At the end of this game Captain Wolfe encouraged her teammates to leave with their “heads held high.”

“Coach Rimkus and I couldn’t have said it better,” Ball agreed. “They fought hard for their last regular season game, and it’s only going to make them that much more prepared for Gahanna Lincoln next Wednesday.”

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