On Tuesday the Lady Chiefs soccer JV team defeated Warren in their first win of the season.

These ladies have worked hard all summer and fall for this win, and it was exciting to see. With a final score of 2-1, they held their own and maintained possession of the ball through most of the game.

While Warren requested that Logan play a nine vs. nine half game only, due to injuries, Logan had some new lineups to learn, and even new positions. This did not stop them from playing aggressively and being open to trying new things.

Kati Straus still had her work cut out for the night, totaling nine saves. Warren plays very aggressively and last night was no exception. Kati handled the Warren team very well, and stopped almost every shot they took.

The first goal of the night was dribbled into the net by Avery Cook-Porter with 30 minutes left. “She had a spectacular shot, and really deserved this moment,” said Coach Brandy Ball. “Normally playing centerback, we were excited to get her and Josie Funk up top for this game.”

Carsyn Lawrence had the second goal of the night with two minutes left. She placed this into the net after a great assist from Josie Funk. These ladies used their speed and dribble to carry the ball down the field and it paid off. Not long after, Warren responded with a shot that gave them their first goal of the night with 1:30 left. This put the pressure on both teams, but Logan prevailed.

Steals for the evening by Gabby Mundy, Mira Burns, Madison McGhee, Josie Funk, and Lindsay Littler really made this a fun game. Players Tamera Colson, Emilie Oney, Breanna Sams, Sarah Leon, Sarah Webb, and Jordan Abram fought hard, playing multiple positions on the field.

“This team really enjoys the game of soccer, and cares about the success of the team, Ball said. “They practice as a team, bond as a team and play as a team. It has finally paid off for them and we are so proud!”

The varsity team tied a very aggressive Warren team 1-1. To start the game, Brooklin Harris stole the ball in the first 45 seconds and placed Logan’s one and only goal of the evening into the net.

“Not only did this really show us that we could beat this team, but this happened to be the one goal that made Brooklin set the new LHS school record of 46 goals in a high school career,” Ball noted. “One of the even more impressive things to think about, is this season still isn’t over, and she is only a junior. She has a few more games left this year, and her entire senior year. We cannot wait to see what she will accomplish.”

As the game went on, the Logan players really seemed to enjoy the competition and put up a tough fight. In the first half Alivia Magdich had two shots, Brooklin Harris two, and Mollie Landis one. Steals for the half included Dani Wolfe with two, Madison Turner two, Emilee Kessler one, and Kendyl Glenn one. Sarah Schwartze had three saves in the half.

“During halftime the girls really talked of how much they enjoyed the game, but some coaching still needed to be done,” Ball recalled. “It’s imperative our midfielders mark up on Warren, while we may have been ahead 1-0, they’re a good team. They moved the ball well.”

Going into the second half the Logan ladies knew they couldn’t slow down. They went into this game giving it everything they had. Schwartze totaled six saves in the second half, and few of these were just plain impressive. Steals for the half were Dani Wolfe two, Maya Burggraf two, Emilee Kessler one, Brooklin Harris one, Blair Kline two and Carly Leach one. Shots were taken by Alivia Magdich and Avery Cook-Porter. A few of Logan’s players came out with 13 minutes left due to different injuries suffered during the game.

During this chaos, Warren scored their first and only goal of the night. Midfielder Madison Turner was the only starter left in the center and she along with teammates Kati Straus, Mollie Landis, Brooklin Harris, Carly Leach and Carsyn Lawrence really gave it their all to hold back this Warren team and get the ball onto their side of the field.

“Madi is a special athlete,” Ball said. “She works hard, plays hard, has great soccer skills and is always willing to hear-out a coach.”

Turner, along with senior centerbacks Dani Wolfe, and Maya Burggraf found themselves against a tough number 11 from Warren.

“These girls held off their anger and frustration, got up and played great soccer,” Ball said. “As captains, these ladies continue to set the standards for the team. They have high expectations, exceptional work ethic, great skills, and passion for the game. They love their team. The JV and Varsity girls soccer teams of 2020 are loaded with awesome high schoolers. They all deserve a successful season.”

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