LOGAN – On Tuesday the Logan varsity girls’ soccer team dropped a game to Fairfield Union at home by a score of 2–0.

In the first half, the Lady Chiefs got off to a good start with several through balls played in behind the Fairfield Union defense to Brooklin Harris; however, the 6-foot Fairfield Union goalie had the goal covered well and came out to the top of the box, clearing the ball away.

At one point a last-second effort to close in on the goalie by Brooklin Harris produced a deflection with the ball almost to the goal line. It looked certain that a goal was going to be scored, but out of nowhere Fairfield Union recovered the ball with a come-from-behind diving save. Fairfield Union was able to score with 19:01 remaining and it was 1–0 at half time.

In the second half Fairfield Union scored early within the first six minutes of play from outside the 18 with an overhead shot making the score 2–0. Both teams played out the half with an even exchange of possession and offense, but most of the long attacking balls played into Logan forwards were stopped by the Fairfield Union goalie coming out to the top of the box and the Lady Chiefs were unable to score in the match.

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