Last night’s girls varsity soccer game was one for the books. The Lady Chieftains defeated Alexander 3-1 in a game that showed the great possession abilities of this Logan team. This was the last game in the Chieftain Stadium for the Lady Chiefs this season.

“There’s no better way for these girls, and especially these seniors, to end on than defeating a good Alexander team,” Coach Brandy Ball said.

In the first half Sarah Schwartze held off four total saves, three prior to the first goal of the evening scored by Logan. Alexander pushed up the field a lot in the first 20 minutes, and really did a good job keeping the ball on Logan’s half. They have a few fast girls who play forward, that when given the opportunity, could put Logan’s defensive line to the test.

But they were no match for a quick and agile Chieftain line. Steals for the game were made by Dani Wolfe, Maya Burggraf, Emilee Kessler, Madison Turner, Kendyl Glenn, Mollie Landis, and Caroline Osburn. These steals led to great forward success, aiding in Brooklin Haris’s first goal of the evening with 20 minutes left

in the half. Brooklin really used her footwork and speed, carrying in this first goal. The Lady Chieftains didn’t slow down. They knew they had to tire out these fast Alexander players. By dropping to the backline, and distributing the ball through each player, including keeper Sarah Schwarze, they drew Alexander’s athletes in, causing them to run back and forth and ultimately exhausting them by the end of the game.

“At halftime we praised the girls, and they were excited for one another and how well they were playing,” Ball recalled. “They looked like the team we knew they were, composed, controlled, and playing as one team. They had a sense of confidence today that really has them on top of the world. You could hear it in their voices and see it in the way they played.”

In the second half, Logan possessed the ball probably 80 percent of the time, leading to many shots on net. These were taken by Maya Burggraf, Caroline Osburn, Madison Turner, Mollie Landis, Blair Kline, Carly Leach, Brooklin Haris and Avery Cook-Porter.

With an injured Kendyl Glenn and Alivia Magdich, Logan had to make up in the midfield. Freshmen Avery Cook-Porter and Kati Straus did an exceptional job working the ball, looking up and distributing to their teammates.

Alexander scored their first goal off a well-placed PK from a handball in the box, but this left 38 minutes for Logan to respond.

“This really made our girls push harder, and play better,” Ball said. “Each girl did a great job dribbling the ball, looking up and making a decision on where to go next.”

Ten minutes later, Madison Turner had a great carry up the side, to then send the ball to Brooklin who placed it in the goal, her second of the night. This was just what Logan needed to keep spirits high and also wear down Alexander. They didn’t stop there. Sarah Schwarzte only had one save in this half, which suggests Logan was doing something right. Alexander wasn’t possessing the ball enough for them to shoot.

Caroline Osburn, back in the game from an injury, did a great job distributing the ball as a defensive mid. She along with Madison Turner, Mollie Landis, Kati Straus and Avery Cook-Porter really fed the ball to Emilee Kessler who constantly carried it down the side and sent in over eight crosses to forwards Carly Leach, Abrei Ellinger, Carsyn Lawrence and Brooklin Harris.

“Emilee has done a lot of great things along the sideline and is a huge reason that so many shots are taken by her teammates,” Ball observed.

With 18 seconds left, Brooklin scored a hat trick for the evening. She carried the ball into the net using her footwork, speed and fakes to place the last goal of the night. This was just what Logan needed to lock in a well earned win for the Lady Chieftains.

“As the seniors walked the field for the last time, it was a reminder of how fast time flies when you’re having fun,” Ball said. “These seniors, Maya Burggraf, Madison Turner, Dani Wolfe, Caroline Osburn, Carsyn Lawrence and Lindsay Littler, are wonderful people. They’re great leaders and teammates. Coach Rimkus and I feel so blessed to have coached them for the last three years. Their teammates will miss them dearly, but we have no doubt they will continue to positively impact everyone they meet.”

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