On Tuesday night the Lady Chieftains Soccer team defeated Maysville 13-0 in their fourth shutout of the season. The team had a great night working the ball around the field, ensuring they were making smart choices.

Although this score is a great accomplishment, there is always something a team needs to work on. It took the Lady Chiefs a few minutes to rein themselves in, and work on connecting passes, using the midfield, dropping the ball, and distributing. Once the girls brought these skills into play, they started to prepare for the next two big games they have versus Pickerington Central, and the first round tournament game versus Gahanna Lincoln.

“Games like these are important for the girls to really focus on their position and their ability to work with their teammates, as well as their own individual footwork and touch,” Coach Brandy Ball said. “The ladies really took advantage of this time.”

The first goal of the night was scored by Madison Turner within the first two minutes, who had a great carry following a pass from Mollie Landis. Turner did a fantastic job taking shots outside of the 18, leading to her hat trick for the evening.

Also in the first half, Blair Kline had a great left-footed shot that was deflected off of a defender from a Logan corner kick, giving Kline the opportunity to score the second goal of the night with 28 minutes left.

Carly Leach had a goal with three minutes left, assisted by Avery Cook-Porter. These two did a great job working together, using Avery in the midfield, who distributed to Carly where she finished into the net. Brooklin Harris had four goals in the first half, with 22 minutes left, 15 minutes left, two minutes left, and 24 seconds left. While she carried two of these goals in on her own using quick footwork and speed, she was also assisted by Mollie Landis who sent in a great ball, and Emilee Kessler who also made a great cross.

“Going into the half we discussed how the success of this game isn’t measured only by the goals, but by how we play as a team in preparation for the big games coming up,” Ball recalled. “The ladies maintained composure, using this time as an opportunity to grow. With three starting players injured, the uncertainty of their recovery for the rest of the season is something we have to take into consideration. Freshmen Josie Funk, Kati Straus, Avery Cook-Porter, Jordan Abram and sophomore Tamera Colson, along with junior Abrei Ellinger, did a fantastic job stepping up to the plate and giving this game their all.”

In the second half the Lady Chiefs started with an extremely impressive play, where the ball switched the field twice, and Emilee Kessler assisted Harris’s fifth goal. Following this Harris had one more carry into the net for her sixth goal.

Throughout this game the Logan team did a great job connecting the ball through the back with defensive players Dani Wolfe and Maya Burggraf, who have both become comfortable working together with their goal keeper Sarah Schwartze in order to spread the opponents. This gives Logan more opportunities to create space and distribute to the midfielders and the wings.

“Serious praise goes to Mollie Landis who led in shots for the night, totaling over 10 shots,” Ball said. “It’s great to see a freshman trusting herself and it will make a huge difference throughout her high school career.”

With nine minutes left Madison Turner had a goal from a free kick, swooshing it into the top of the net, and then scoring again on her own with seven minutes left. Brooklin Harris had one more goal, assisted by Avery Cook-Porter, putting her at seven goals for the night, a new single-game goal record for Logan High School.

This also puts her over the record for goals in a season. The last goal of the evening was scored by Sarah Schwartze who wanted to see some time on the field.

“Sarah is a great keeper — two saves for the night — and is also a fantastic field player,” Ball said. “She has great footwork so it was no surprise that in the four minutes she played the field, she scored.”

Steals for the evening were by Dani Wolfe, Maya Burggraf. Emilee Kessler, and Madison Turner, who have made a great impact on the team throughout the season. Maya Burggraf made a few fantastic runs Tuesday night aiding in distributing the ball to her teammates. When this happens, quick centerback Dani Wolfe drops back and holds the line well, rarely letting anything get past.

“While games like this can be frustrating for the other team, our hats go off to Maysville for keeping a good attitude and playing a clean game,” Ball said. “The Lady Chieftains are ready for their next two games. They’re confident, and there’s no doubt they will continue to play great soccer.”

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