April 24

Safety Green team

1st-2nd grade

Won against Light Blue team, 3-0.

Standout players included Liam Henderson, Brooklyn Mellinger and Cameron Markin. Finn Saving scored two goals and Jonah Cairns scored one. Chase Kennard and Lily Henderson each had one save.

Information submitted by Tracie Clark

Lime Green team


Played Orange team

Standout players included Casen Holcomb, Calliope Shepler and T.J. Egger. Calliope Shepler had five saves, Casen Holcomb had three, Ivy Hacker had three, and Alivia Gessells had three.

5th-6th grade

Won against Maroon team 9-2.

Standout players included Jolianna Parry, Colton McKenzie and Alayna Holbrook. Eli Showalter had one goal, one assist and six saves. Brylee Chamber had one goal, one assist and five saves. Ethan Showalter had two saves. Jadah McVey had two goals. Colton McKenzie had one goal and three assists. Preston Clements had one goal. Scott Dudley had three goals.

Information submitted by Cathy and Christy Burcham and Coach Warren

April 22

Red team

1st-2nd grade

Played Purple team

Standout players included Addie Frye, Myah Baker and Kimberlie Horner. Sophie Robinette scored one goal and had one save.

Information submitted by Alton Frizzell

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