Logan Chieftains

The Logan Chieftains varsity football team.

BEVERLY, Ohio – A truly formidable Fort Frye football team won easily over the Logan Chieftains in Beverly Friday night, in a game in which the Cadets were so dominating on both sides of the ball, that Logan Head Coach Mike Eddy said he doubts there’s even much his team can learn from the loss, to a team that he described as “really well organized and coached,” and definitely in the running for a state title this year.

“They controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides, on offense and defensively,” Eddy said of the Cadets, who ran the score up to 42–0 by halftime, and ended up beating Logan 49-14. “You know, we couldn’t run the ball outside, we couldn’t run the ball inside. It was a very frustrating evening to say the least… This is one of those films that I don’t think you’re going to sit down and evaluate and really gain much, as far as coaching for areas of improvement. It was a terrible loss, and unfortunately it was such a dominant performance in some areas that I’m not sure there’s a lot that we’re going to gain from it as far as ways to improve.”

With negative numbers in the rushing yardage column, the Chiefs ended up with less than 50 yards of total offense. It didn’t help matters that they also lost three fumbles, all of which Fort Frye promptly turned into touchdowns.

There were a couple of scattered bright spots during the game for the Chiefs, who, though almost completely shut down on offense, stayed alert and took advantage of a lost Fort Frye fumble to score one TD, then connected on a passing touchdown in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter.

“One thing we’ve always said about our kids is they continue to play as hard as they can from start to finish,” Eddy said. “And that’s something that they can always be proud of, and that we encourage them to do, and appreciate out of a group of kids. And they did come out in the second half, continued to play, and were able to get a couple of points on the board – and that’s just due to their commitment and their hard work.”

Logan’s last game of the season, and its Senior Night, will be at home in Logan Friday against Zanesville.

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