LOGAN — Saturday night the Lady Chiefs soccer teams were defeated by Newark, both junior varsity and varsity.

The junior varsity girls’ team lost 0-8.

“While these games are difficult for any team, our JV girls are great at reminding themselves that their individual goal as soccer athletes are what’s important in games like this,” stated coach Brandy Ball.

“This is a very young team, made up of mostly freshman, but every player on this team works hard to make an impact. As each athlete makes her way off the field, they talk about what they personally should work on, and that says a lot. Our defensive line of Avery Cook-Porter, Josie Funk and Emilie Oney did a great job stealing the ball from quick Newark, but it just didn’t seem like enough for this more experienced team.

“Kati Straus had another impressive night in the net, no matter what the scoreboard read with nine saves in the first half and five in the second. Tamera Colson spent some time pushing up the field trying to collect one of Newark’s dropped balls, but they were quick physically and in their passing. Freshmen Gabby Mundy and Sarah Webb had the only shots for the evening, both which were well placed,” she added.

Logan totaled 16 steals in this game, with Avery Cook-Porter, Sarah Leon, Breanna Samms, Josie Funk, Tamera Colson, and Jordan Abram. As an athlete these games can really pull you down, but these ladies do a great job at taking the game for what it is, and moving forward.

The varsity team had a tough 0-2 loss for the first time this season. Last year the lady chiefs lost to Newark 1-3.

“Going into this game we knew it would be tough, and we knew it would be physical. We didn’t expect everything that did happen this evening though,” Ball stated.

“It would be impossible to discuss this game without mentioning the name of every athlete who stepped on the field Saturday night. Every girl made an impact on the field. With tension rising throughout, Newark scored their first goal in the first half with 36 minutes left.

“In any game, the scoreboard doesn’t tell much of the story at all. Our team stats give us some better insight. Logan totaled 13 steals in the first half by Emilee Kesler, Blair Kline, Alivia Magdich, Mollie Landis, Maya Burggraf, Madison Turner and Dani Wolfe.

“In the second these ladies had nine steals, adding Brooklin Harris. This goes to show that with Newark having less shots than us totaling nine saves for keeper Sarah Schwartze and 11 shots for Logan, we maintained a majority of possession in the second half,” the coach said.

Freshman Mollie Landis attempted a goal, while Newark had possession of the ball they sent the ball back to their keeper, which Landis cutoff and placed into the net. This was called back and decided to be an offsides call, taking away that goal, keeping the score 0-2. The second half was different.

Soccer is known to be a physical sport, an aggressive sport from time to time, but there are limits.

“I think coach Greg Rimkus said it best, “Teams like Newark, Columbus teams, consistently use aggression in their play. It’s something they’re used to. Our Lady Chiefs do NOT lack in aggressiveness, but they play soccer using their skills, not unnecessary aggression.”

“While fouls were present on both sides of the field, games like these are mentally and physically exhausting to these athletes. It’s hard to remember that as a coach along the sideline, a teammate on the bench, or a fan in the stands, these types of games can be frustrating not because you’re losing the game, but because protecting your players is your number one priority,” Ball added.

“When the well-being of your athlete is threatened, tensions rise quickly. These games are a reminder to me that I must practice what I preach. Stay positive, stay calm and remember this game is about the ladies on the field, and giving them an opportunity to share their love of soccer with the people they care about. The more time I have to think about this game, the more proud I am of our Lady Chiefs. They are strong women, who will push through whatever is given to them,” she concluded.

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