Fifth-Sixth Grade

Neon Orange 3, Blue 2 — Neon Orange: Lincoln Ballenger three goals, Taylor Turner seven saves; standout players, Emma Hinton, Liam Hinton, Lane Schein.

Third-Fourth Grade

Red 6, Purple 0 — Red: Cody Hartman three goals and two assists, Reed Enderle one goal and two assists, Grady Henestofel one goal and two saves, Jackson Ballenger one goal; standout players, Lauren Coakley, Karlee Boals, Deacon Micochero.

Maroon 2, Lime Green 1 — Lime Green: Keller Arnett one goal and three saves, Tommy Turner five saves; standout players, Sophie McGhee, Keller Arnett.


(Team scores not kept)

Safety Green: Blake Davis and Bentlee Mumford one goal each, Landon Bush three saves, Madelyn Schein two saves; standout players, Molly Saving, Lydia Begley, Paisley Colliton.

Light Blue: Gunner Brown two goals and three saves, Noah Benedict one goal; standout players, Gunner Brown, Noah Benedict, Tanner Herb.

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