Third-Fourth Grade

Red 5, Purple 0 — Red: Coen Hartman three goals, Grady Henestofel two goals and two saves, Drake Clark four saves; standout players, Kaelyn Swart, Dylan King, Reed Enderle.

First-Second Grade

(Team scores not kept)

Neon Orange: Sara Breining, Hunter McCombs and Aubrey Linton two saves each; standout players, Brooklyn Bauman, Mollie Tipton, Sophie Robinette.

Red: Eli Jennice three saves, Danny Sewell and Hunter McCombs two saves each; standout players, Aubrey Herring, Hunter McCombs, Eli Jennice.

Neon Orange: Connor Schein three goals, Liam Hinton and Channing Joy one goal each, Eva Hinton two assists; standout players, Liam Conaway, Eulijah Jones, Liam Martin.

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